Almost Wordless Wednesday: I’m Sick Again

Mommy and I had an entirely different post scheduled for you today but we’ve decided to do it next week instead. The good thing about that is mommy and I don’t have to think about what we want to do next week. It’s already there for you.

Well the bad news is that I’m sick again. I had a 103 temp all day yesterday and was in the emergency room until almost 6am this morning. With a combination of Motrin and Tylenol (alternating between them both) my fever refused to go away. According to the doctor its viral and with my continued regimen of both fever reliever for the next 24hours I should be ok.

Combine that with Pedialyte or any electrolyte to keep me hydrated I should be good as new in no time. Now you know I was not a happy camper on my hospital bed and mommy got a photo of me to prove it. I hope you’re all doing better than I am today. Happy Wednesday!

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