Review: October 2013 Bluum 21 Month Old Toddler Box (Brush Up)

It’s Bluum time once again and I’m here to bring you another exciting box. I’m now 21 months old. Yes I celebrated my 21 month old birthday today so I guess this is my 21 month old birthday gift. If you’re interested in seeing what last month’s box look like, take a quick look here.

Bluum is a monthly subscription service for babies ages newborn to 3 years of age and costs $24.95 a month.

The box felt pretty heavy this time when mommy and I got it so we couldn’t wait to open it. I couldn’t wait to see what I got this month. Last month’s theme was World of Colors and this month was going to be Brush Up. Now lets get on to our unboxing.

 My card read this month:

Month 21: Hygiene

All toddlers get dirty when they play. Let’s be honest: Most toddlers even seem to get dirty when they sleep. While that’s all good stuff, you need to begin to teach them some basic rules of hygiene. The more often your toddler is reminded about cleanliness, the faster they’ll learn to take care of it themselves.

The best way they’ll learn is to follow your lead. Make sure you’re always being a good role model and follow the same guidelines you set out for them: That you clean your teeth as often as you want them to, that you wash your hands after you’ve played with the family dog, that you take care of your own personal hygiene in the same way you want your child to.

Teach them how to clean their teeth morning and night. No matter how much they protest, they won’t be old enough to take charge of this activity until they are about 6 years old.

Childs Play Bath Book (Whale)– $5.39

Colorful, ingenious washable books that squeak and squirt, make reading fun and provide a delightful bathtime experience for babies of all ages! 

Something for my bath and a book to boot! Now I can read in and out of my bath. Something that I think I’m going to enjoy doing immensely. 

Plantlife Natural Body Care – Bathing Essentials – Ramie Duck- $4.50

These soft, naturally dyed creatures have no removable parts. They are hand sewn with a big smile to be super cute for any age. They make a great bath pal!

According to the Bluum email this is supposed to be for mommy but I think I’m going to take this. Mommy doesn’t need a rubber ducky but I surely do. This would be perfect for my baths.

Priddy Books – My Little Counting Book – $8.49

Time to get serious with numbers and counting. We got you covered with this activity book that will reinforce learning while having fun. 

A counting book! This is great! It actually goes up to 100 and I should have a lot of fun reading this along with mommy.

Circle of Friends Organic Makwa Calming Cream – $14.40

This is recommended for babies, children and adults with eczema or sensitive skin. It’s an extra-sensitive lotion, free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, nuts, wheat, dairy, soy and other common allergens.

I have never heard of this company before but the cream states that it’s great for sensitive skin which I have. I can’t wait to try it and see if it’s really as good as it says it is. It’s also organic so this should be very interesting indeed.

Circle of Friends Rosa Raspberry Detangler- $12.20

 Now there is no description for this because according to Bluum we were supposed to get the shampoo instead of the detangler. I’m always looking for a great detangler because of my thick hair which gets tangled very easily. I can’t wait to try this out on my hair. Will have to share my results.

Luna Carrot Cake Bar – $2.00

How can something so good for us be so delicious? It’s simple. Start with the best ingredients possible (nothing artificial, 70% organic) and nutrition that matters most to women. Mix with flavors that make mouths water and the rest is sweet (and healthy!) history.

Once again another Luna bar was sent and this one wasn’t too bad. Mommy actually had some of it and so did I. She preferred this one to the other we got in last months box and so did I.

Total of our October Bluum Box was $46.98 and I was in love with everything this month. I’m usually slighted disappointed with Bluum and it seems that when I’m about to give them up they always seem to redeem themselves.

Although this months box had nothing to do with the theme I didn’t mind at all. This month I got not only one but two books and you all know how much I love to read. 

Next month’s box is going to be Potty Time and I can’t wait to receive it. I’m currently potty training and have a week dedicated to potty time coming up. You don’t want to miss it. Now if you want to get your own Bluum box you may use the following link and get your own Bluum Box without waiting for an invite.

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