When a Coconut Falls on Your Head Book

Mommy and I are always on the lookout for books to read. The more the merrier mommy always say. This week we got a new book called When a Coconut Falls on Your Head by Hans Christian Schmidt.

The book is very short with only 6 pages of written text and although it is a board book its not very thick so you’ll have to be careful with your little ones when reading this to them.

The book starts off with Elephant taking a walk then tripping over a rock and bumping into a coconut tree. When he bumped into the tree the coconut fell on his head giving him a lump on the top of his head. His friends Hippo, Mouse, Ostrich, Bird and Monkey all try and cheer him up in lots of different ways but nothing worked until they kissed his boo-boo.

The book has flaps which are Elephant’s ears and you get to move them to see if what his friends did worked. At the end of the book is a very pleasant surprise that you and your little one will love.

Excerpt from the book:

When a coconut falls on your head… 

Your friends will want to help.

They will try to make you laugh. They will bring you flowers.

They will hold your hands. They will bring you treats. 

Mommy always kisses my boo-boo whenever I fall and it always helps. This is such a great book about caring for your friends when they’re hurt and I recommend reading it to your little one. You’ll both love it.

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