Fall Back to School Tips for Kids of All Ages – #FallBackToSchool

It’s crazy to think that the kids are back in school already and have been for some time. My kids have actually been back since the middle of August. I know many of you are like me and have kids in several different grades, so traditional back to school tips don’t work for us. We’ve teamed up with Follett, a leading provider of education technology, services and print and digital content, who’ve launched a #FallBackToSchool campaign focused on how parents and children can prepare to head back to school. So today I wanted to share some of my best back to school tips for kids of all ages.


1. Rest and lots of it. – If there’s one universal tip for back to school for preschoolers it’s that they need lots of rest. That means at least 12 hours of sleep at night and maybe even a nap during the day. While they may think that they are “big boys and girls” their body still need that rest that they think they don’t.

2. Limit sugar if possible. – Sugar seems to mess with their little bodies and makes it hard to function. If you are to give them sugar, try to give it earlier in the day so it doesn’t affect their sleep. If possible avoid candy and give natural sugar such as fruits instead.

3. Reiteration is key. – You might notice your child is learning lots and lots this school year. Make sure you go over what they have learned with them on a daily basis because reiteration is key.


1. Initiate down time. – Most elementary students go from a really relaxed summer to a strict school schedule. Allow your child to have down time right after they get home from school.

2. Being positive is key. I think it’s easy to get brought down by the every day of elementary school because kids can be mean to each other. Help your child to have a positive attitude in all circumstances. (Of course it’s okay to have bad days too)!

3. Routine. – Routine is key for elementary school students. If there’s one major piece of advice to remember with elementary students is that they thrive off of routine. So stick to it as much as you can.

Junior High

1. Communication with parents and teachers. – Yes, kids at this grade level must be able to communicate with their teachers and parents. If they don’t, everyone might have a rough year ahead of them. In elementary school they may have used the notebook system, find out how you can communicate with the different teachers that your child may have.

2. A spot to do homework. – Junior High students also thrive on routine, so having a “space” to do homework in is very important, make sure that it is quiet and away from distractions. After all your Junior High Schooler might have just left elementary school and we all know how easily distracted they can be.

3. Boundaries. – Junior High Schoolers are growing up and this is the time that parents need to make sure their kids have real boundaries, so go over them with your child.

High School

1. Have a responsibility talk. – High schoolers can sometimes be self-centered, it’s not their fault, it’s just their age group.  With back to school time bring up the “responsibility talk” and talk to your now pre-teen/teenager about how they need to be more responsible with their gear, items etc.

2. Use their time wisely. – You might want to consider making this a mantra for your high schooler. With high school comes lots more work which means less time to actually have fun. You may initiate getting them a journal where they can keep track of what needs to be done, what needs to be turned in etc.

3. Treat others with respect. – Respect is an important area for high schoolers. They need to learn how to give it and also how to receive it.


1. Studying is vital to success. – Some college students think they can get away with not studying, but if they want to be successful then studying is where it’s at. A journal is also essential for your college student along with a few gear such as a laptop and printer. After all Google can be their best friend.

2. A calendar or journal is your best friend. – Life is about to get super busy, stay organized by keeping a calendar or journal on hand.

3. Procrastination doesn’t work in college. – If you plan on procrastinating in college, it’s going to be a LONG year. You don’t want to spend five years in a four year college. You want to graduate on time with your friends so procrastination is a big no-no.

Back to school is a busy time for everyone. Take these tips to help make each school timeline and year a little smoother for everyone involved.

Let’s discuss: What are some of your back to school tips?

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