Give a Pajama to a Child in Need – #CartersSweetDreams

Every night I put my little one to bed in one of her many pajama’s and we read a book before she closes her eyes to sleep. It’s our nightly routine and one that she looks forward to every night. It is something that I have never really given much thought to, because it’s something that we are both accustomed to doing nightly. Unfortunately, not every child has the luxury of wearing a pair of pajamas to bed. For millions of children right here in the US, this is an unfamiliar luxury and something that most of us take for granted. Most have not experienced being tucked in bed at night in their favorite pajama, or even being read a bedtime story to. That’s why for the seventh year in a row, Pajama Program and Carter’s are collaborating to provide comfort and literacy to children in group homes, shelters, and other temporary living situations.

So what is the Pajama Program? They are a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing books and PJ’s to kids in need. On Giving Tuesday, November 29th, Carters will match all PJ donations up to 100,000, both in store and online. Monetary donations can also be made online and will be used to provide more books and PJs in your local community, as well as to help build reading centers around the country.

You may not realize this, but putting your child to bed in their favorite pajama and just reading them a bedtime story can have a very positive effect on them. For most children in shelters and other homes, the need for intimacy and bonding with their parents in a safe and caring environment usually goes unmet. Most have been taken from their homes because the ones responsible to care for them usually cannot, so they are now faced with sleeping in an unfamiliar place, cold and afraid. I couldn’t imagine my own children facing such a dilemma, can you?

Most just need someone to read a nurturing book with them and tuck them in a warm, cozy pair of pajamas. Since most do not have a book to read or that warm pair of pajamas to sleep in to keep them warm in the colder temperatures, it’s my wish that you will go out and donate a pair of America’s favorite pajamas from Carters this Giving Tuesday which coincidentally is tomorrow.

Carter’s has long been one of my favorite place to shop for pajamas for my own little girl and she has quite a collection. I just can’t imagine her not having a pair of pajamas to sleep in, especially now that the cold weather is upon us. That’s why I will be heading to my own Carters tomorrow and will be donating to a child in need. What about you?

Don’t forget! Tomorrow, Tuesday November 29th, you too can give a pajama to a child in need and help fulfill a little one’s dream of owning their very own pair of PJ’s. So find your nearest Carters by using their store locator or even shop online. They will also be accepting PJ donations in-store throughout the remainder of the year (12/31).

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