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Disclaimer: I received products for review purposes. No other compensation was received. Though the product was free, opinions are 100% my very own. 

This is one of those reviews that I have had to edit because it was supposed to go live a long time ago but due to our health issues has prevented us from doing so. While the content has mostly remained the same I have had quite a long time to use it and evaluate even more.

What’s better than products designed especially for little ones like me and even those smaller than me? Products that are hypoallergenic, and doesn’t contain any of the yucky stuff that moms like to avoid? We’re talking no dyes, no artificial fragrances, Paraben free and Sulfate free. How about products that are mommy inspired and physician formulated? Well, look no further than Bathtime Kids products. Once again I aim to bring you products that are not only good for your little ones but good for you too! They have a full all-natural line of products for Skin Care, Hair Care, and Bath Care.

Source: Bathtime Kids

I was sent something from each line of care and I have to say that they have exceeded my expectations. While Bathtime Kids have quite a lot more products that I have yet to use, and I do intend to try and get my little hands on a few of the others, the ones that I have used were absolutely amazing!

Now you all know that whenever I review a product I have to show you photos of me actually using it, and bath products are no exception. I love taking baths and mommy just loves using her new camera so it works out great for both of us.

The first product that I decided that was going to be used was the Bubbly Bath. Did it really give a bubbly bath, oh you gotta see it to believe it? The instructions are pretty simple, you pour a small amount into running water and watch the bubbles form. The Bubbly Bath as all their products are hypoallergenic and does not irritate skin or eyes. As a toddler with very sensitive skin, mommy usually tests out their claims by using very small samples of products before we continuously use them. That way we both know what to expect and if I would be able to really give a fair evaluation. This product I have to say does what it said it’ll do and more. It gives the most luxurious bubble bath that I have yet to experience in my 27 months of living.

Since I was already in the bath it was time to give my hair a fair washing. Now I have very thick hair and there aren’t lots of products that can do it for me. So far the ones I’ve tried have worked but I’m still looking for that perfect shampoo and conditioner. I was sent the Squeeky Clean Hair Shampoo and the So Soft Hair Conditioner.

The Squeeky Clean Hair Shampoo is vegan and great for all hair types and also contains Broccoli seed oil which adds a natural emollient for ease in combing. OK, I admit I had no idea that there was even something called Broccoli Seed oil but if it would ease in combing my hair I was all down for it.  As I mentioned before I have VERY THICK hair. Being of black descent but mixed with a few other things as well it’s really tough finding that perfect shampoo.

The So Soft Hair Conditioner claimed that it’s unique moisturizing properties of organic emollients and botanicals combined with the proper pH, restores the hair cuticles compact smooth surface resulting in light, bouncy hair with a healthy natural shine. So did it work for me? If I just said yes then you’d think that I was only saying this because I got the product for free, but once again my pictures come to the rescue. Remember this is in conjunction with the So Soft Hair Conditioner which also worked for me.

I have to admit that because of the thickness of my hair I had to use a little more than necessary of both products to get the full effect. They both require you to use a small amount but there was no way a small amount was going to cut it for me. My hair did come out squeaky clean but not having that bouncy hair that was mentioned, there was no way I was going to get it now. What mattered was that there was no film left over in my hair. It washed out very easily and my hair did feel softer to the touch once it was done.

So bath time was over. It was now time to try out skin care product, the Baby Butter. The Baby Butter is lotion rich with natural emollients, moisturizers and antioxidants. It’s great as a massaging lotion and works great to protect and support your little one’s natural skin barrier. Even though Winter is officially over I still suffer with dry skin and I have to moisturize a lot. I was able to put just a tiny bit on my skin and immediately I could not only see but also feel the difference. I did have to reapply every few hours but this lotion is not one that when you use it you need to do it 20 minutes later.

So do I recommend Bathtime Kids Products? You bet I do! I may not have mentioned the smell in any of the products I received but they are all mild and not too overpowering. A little goes a very long way and while the price of $14.50 per bottle may seem a lot to many, remember you’re getting all natural products. Products that have not been tested on animals and products that you know will not cause any long term damage to your little one. You are getting a top of the line product and for that I give them my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

You can purchase Bathtime Kids products in select stores across the nation. Though they’re not available in every state, mine being one them, you can also purchase them online via their website, Amazon and Abes Market to mention a few.

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