Kid or Pet on a Leash?

Hey, I’m a kid! I may like to make noises like an animal but I’m NOT an animal. Who gave you the right to put us on leashes like we’re your pets?

Luckily for me mommy doesn’t have a leash for me but I’ve seen other little people like me, quite a few of them actually, on leashes. I feel really sorry for them because unlike my mommy who holds my hand, their parents think that its ok to cross the street or walk into the store with them on leashes like they are their puppy. Just because it may be designed like a puppy, or a monkey or another cute animal, doesn’t mean that we’re animals.

Are we that uncontrollable? Maybe we are because you treat us that way. I bet if you asked us what we want, we’d be able to tell you that we would actually prefer when you hold our hands, give us a ride in the stroller, put us in the shopping carts when we go shopping or even carry us. That way you won’t lose us if you’re that concerned for our safety. We actually treasure those moments of you holding our hands. It makes us feel a lot more secure.

You say you don’t want to lose us in the store but why would you lose us in the store? Is it because you weren’t paying any attention to me? I have tiny little legs so I can’t go very far unless you were self absorbed in what you were doing and couldn’t be bothered with me. I’m only moving away so you can play with me. I like when you call my name, we’re actually playing a game of hide and seek, but when you don’t find me soon enough I get scared and start crying.

Hey! Are they your pets too?

I hate seeing my little friends being tugged like animals while you big people talk on your cell phones or talk to your friends. We’d like to be paid as much attention as you do your technology and your friends. I’ve even seen some of you mommies tie your leashes off onto something so that you can do something or not hold onto it. Leashes makes you less responsible and gives you a way out of not paying me any attention at all. Actually if our leash is too long we have just as much chance to get into the street as you not holding our hands. Also our leashes can get caught up in the store racks. I’ve seen mommies trying to untie their little ones from those as well.

I may make a lot of you mommies angry but I’m a toddler and I’m just expressing how I feel. We don’t like being treated like a pet because we’re not pets. How about we put you big people on leashes for a day? Now how would that make you feel? Would you like it when we tug you back and forth because you weren’t paying attention while I was texting on my blackberry instead of paying you any attention? I don’t think so.

We little people have feelings too and I would suggest if you wanted to put something on a leash, how about a puppy. There are quite a few up for adoption at your local animal shelter.

I want to hear your views on kids leashes? Are you for or against them?

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