8 Ways to Make Your Holiday Guests’ Stay Fabulous

Tis the season for hosting company, so why not surprise them with hotel-quality accommodations? I can’t think of a better gift to give. Make their vacation memorable by using these tips to welcome them. (And don’t worry if you don’t have a designated guest room to put them up in. There are ways to make an inflatable mattress or sofa-bed more comfortable.) Here are 8 ways to make your holiday guests’ stay fabulous!

Make the bed with hotel linens.

Use crisp, white linens on the guest bed, with plenty of pillows and blankets so your guests can choose the perfect softness and right amount of warmth. Go the extra mile by including a robe and slippers.

Put a welcome basket in their room.

Imagine how your guests will feel finding a basket, beach bag, or shopping tote full of items they’ll use on their vacation stocked in the guest room where they’ll be staying. Supply snacks and anything you think they might need, like a reusable water bottle, sunscreen or a small souvenir from the city or state they’re visiting.

Add a mini-bar. 

Stocking miniature liquor bottles, small boxes or bottles of wine, sodas, and treats is a really fun touch. You can use an actual mini-fridge or just display the items on a tray.

Stock the bathroom with travel-sized items and plush towels.

Give them real hotel treatment by providing travel-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and any other items your company might need in the bathroom. Don’t forget to add cozy towels in various sizes. (White is most hotel-like and they’re easiest to keep clean. Some facial and hair products can discolor and stain colored towels.)

Use fresh flowers. 

Unless your guests are allergic, add a bouquet of flowers to their room, in a vase with a welcome note. (Pro tip: It’s better to skip this step altogether than to use fake flowers or greenery.) Opt for flowers that aren’t super fragrant, and take it easy on scented air fresheners.

Supply a suitcase stand. 

They’re going to need somewhere to set their suitcase and providing a folding stand will both free up floor space and make the contents easier to access.

Make space on the dresser and in the closet. 

Think of what you need when you travel. Likely, that’s somewhere to put your stuff, not a dresser topped with beautiful, but unnecessary, knick-knacks and picture frames. Put away as much as you can to provide space for your guests’ belongings. If you can’t clear any space in the closet for them, use over-the-door hooks so they can hang clothes or coats.

Set a magazine or two on the nightstand. 

There’s going to be some downtime, so leave your guests with something to read or take back on the plane with them. Just be sure to choose something appropriate. (Your uncle probably has no interest in Allure magazine, for example.) And don’t leave a stack; remember that your company needs space for their own belongings.

With my list, your overnight guests will feel more than fabulous and welcome.

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