4 Ways to Entertain Kids During the Holidays ~ #CartersJammies #Kohls

The holidays are fast approaching and the kids can get bored rather easily, especially if there’s nothing to do. However, they can be easily pleased and I want to share a few ways you can keep your kids happy during the holidays.

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There is so much for kids to love about the holidays. There’s time off from school, lots of food to eat, and gifts galore. However, the holidays should mean more than just gifts. It’s a time for everyone to come together and spread holiday joy. Time off from school can easily bring boredom if there’s not much to do, and kids do get bored easily. So how can you entertain the kids and keep them happy during the holidays? Are there familiar traditions that you do together as a family? One of the things that I do personally is update Madison’s winter wardrobe, because she has grown so much throughout the year. I not only focus on outerwear but sleepwear as well. When it comes to sleepwear, Carters has always been the brand that I gravitate towards, because their designs are also “so much fun” according to Madison, and I would pick them up at Kohl’s when I purchase my own as well. Did you know that Carter’s pajamas is also known as America’s Favorite Jammies?

So how do you keep your kids entertained during the holidays? Here are 4 easy ways!

1. Have a pajama party

Nothing is more fun than a pajama party with books, games and even snacks. It’s also an excuse to buy new holiday pajamas. Kohl’s is your dreamland destination, where you can find Carters holiday sleepwear collection in brand new color schemes and in cotton, polyester and fleece options. You can also purchase footed jammies that features non-skid soles and safety tabs that keeps the zipper in place. For girls you can also get nightgowns with doll gown sets (Madison’s favorite).

2. Make S’mores together

While you may think s’mores is just for the summer, it’s also fun to make during the winter and all you need is your microwave. Get the kids involved in making s’mores and keep some hot chocolate on hand. Prefer not to indulge in s’mores making? Then how about a gingerbread house? Let the kids decorate it whichever way they prefer. Have them cozy up in their favorite pajama or nightgown with a nice gooey s’more.

3. Have a movie or game night

Let your child put on their favorite pajama and have a movie or game night. Have your child choose which movie they’d like to watch or game they’d enjoy playing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the movie a million times before, or played the games numerous times, kids usually get excited when they get the chance to choose. You can also make it even more exciting by having them play out their favorite part in the movie, or by letting them win at their game of choice. While they may brag about it for days to come, it’s way better than the tears if they do lose. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles.

4. Let kids be kids

Adults can sometimes get a bit too serious, especially during the holidays. Follow your children’s lead and relax. Let them be kids! Let them create their own fun and join in, if you must. Remember your own days of building pillow forts? Let your child’s imagination and independence shine through.

So grab a pair or two of America’s Favorite Jammies by Carters at Kohl’s and keep your kids entertained during the holidays.

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