Fulfilling Ways To Give Back As A Family Around Christmas

The Christmas season presents lots of opportunities to make memories with your family. From special performances and parties to dinners and evening drives to admire holiday lights, there is no shortage of ways to make the season special. However, if you’re looking for a way to create memories that are truly meaningful this Christmas, consider giving back together as a family.

It’s no secret that there are plenty of people in need around the holidays. Many nonprofits and charities are out in full force throughout the Christmas season, fundraising and finding ways to make the holidays special for those less fortunate. If you and your family are in a position to help others, consider finding a way to volunteer together to make a positive impact, and help someone who could use a hand.

If you’re looking for a way to really embrace the spirit of the season and give back to those in need, here are a few ways you can make a difference in the lives of others this holiday season:


Want to make a difference in the lives of a local family this Christmas? Many local charities offer members of the community the opportunity to adopt a family in need for the holiday season. You’ll usually receive a bit of information about each family member and a brief list of two or three items they’d like to get for Christmas, and it’s up to you and your family to go out and purchase presents to give them. Shopping for others can be surprisingly fun, and it can be an excellent opportunity to teach your little ones the importance of charity and supporting families who have fallen on hard times.


The holiday season can be a particularly tough time for the elderly, especially those who live in nursing homes and don’t receive many visits from old friends or family members. Give your local nursing home a call and see how you can brighten their day during the holiday season. Whether you’re encouraged to come in and spend time talking to the residents, or they’ve found another way you can support their efforts, you’ll all feel better knowing you’ve helped someone feel a little less lonely this Christmas.


Being stuck in the hospital as a kid is rough, but having to spend Christmas there is even worse. Bring a smile to a hospitalized kid’s face this Christmas by creating and sending cards. There are quite a few charities that facilitate this at the national level, but you can call up your local children’s hospital to see what you can do at the local level. Your whole family will have fun creating handmade cards and filling them with beautiful art and inspiring messages, and you’ll feel good knowing you’ve helped make a sick child’s holiday a little bit better.


Many animal shelters need extra helping hands during the holiday season. Homeless dogs and cats could always use a little love and attention – Christmas is no exception. The greatest need here, however, is usually just after Christmas has passed, when families decide the puppy they gifted their children isn’t working out and shelters are more crowded than normal.

Volunteering together as a family around Christmas can be a great way to make memories, help those in need, and keep everyone focused on the spirit of the season. See how you and your family can give back in your community this Christmas – you might be surprised to see just how much fun you have helping others.

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