Another Madison Mommy Update

Madison’s Mommy here with the promised update.

Since our last post I was rushed to the ER with a prolapsed intestine and had to be rushed into surgery. Yes it’s very rare and according to my doc something he hasn’t seen in 32 years, and if I hadn’t made it when I did to the ER I may not even have made it. I was in ICU for a while and was finally released today. It made me realize that life is short and you have to live your life like it’s your last. Don’t forget to tell the ones that you love that you do love them.

A lot sure has happened but what’s the first thing I did when I got out? Well besides give my kids hugs and kisses because it felt good to be home? I decided to update my readers on what has been going on. A few of you knew what has been happening since I’ve been in contact with you via hospital (and you’ve seen the horrible hospital photos), but wanted to give an update to those who didn’t.

Yes we have commitments and some that are way overdue and we always fulfill our commitments. For those who have sent us products and are wondering why it’s taken us so long to get it done, it’s because of our medical issues that has been keeping us from getting them done on time.

I love what we do as a team, Madison and I, and I don’t like and refuse to give a half written with badly taken photos review of products that we receive. I love evaluating products because as a wife, mother and also consumer, I really don’t think that I can give you a true honest review of your product if it’s only been used once, and we refuse to compromise our integrity.

Yes May will have a lot of posts, sometimes 2-3 a day so expect us to blow up your Twitter and Facebook feed, but we did promise that we would be back with a bang.

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