Beat the Summer Slump 🌞

Child Laying in the Grass

We look forward to summer all year, but sometimes we can be disappointed when it gets here. The summer slump refers to feeling sad or bored with a lack of structure and activity in the summer months when school is out for our kids. We can also worry about our kids losing some of the knowledge they gained during the school year without academic stimulation. Here are some ideas to help beat the summer slump for your family.

Beat the Summer Slump


In today’s world, it is so easy to start a business. Everyone has a talent or something they are interested in doing. Encourage your teen to explore their interests and improve their talents by helping them set up a business. Artistically inclined teens can upload their artwork to websites that will then print and ship it out to customers. Teens who love to craft or build can sell their creations on online marketplaces. Setting up a dropshipping business is also an easy option. Starting a business is something that can help your teen build some self-esteem and get some experience in the business world.


There are many places where teens can take college classes online for free. If you don’t pay for them, then you won’t get college credit, but that is always an option if they want to start getting those credits under their belt. Doing the free courses is also a great way to keep in the academic mindset and learn about a subject they are interested in. There are many options to choose from like social sciences courses or literature study or math. Most of these online options don’t have a set timeframe, so they can work on it at their own pace or switch to a different one whenever they want.

Student Doing Homework


Depending on your teen’s age and where you live, getting a job may be tricky, but it is still a great idea to start building up some experience and saving money. Most stores will hire teens that are over 15, so finding places to apply can be easier when they get older. In addition to earning money and gaining work experience, they also learn valuable skills about holding a job and will probably get a discount wherever they work.


Especially for kids reaching the end of high school, applying for scholarships or internships can take a lot of time. Trying to squeeze it in during the school year can be stressful, so taking advantage of the summer months to do these tasks is much better. Looking up these things early can also give you an idea of some things you can do to qualify for more of the programs.


One thing that is important in college applications is being well-rounded. Getting involved in the community and participating in service opportunities is a great way to gain some life experiences and have more things to put on applications. You can look for formal groups or projects to join, or it can be as easy as looking for a need in your community and helping. 

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