3 Easy Ways to Keep Germs at Bay this Holiday ~ #PURELLSurface #DisinfectWorryFree

It’s cold and flu season and for the past week, my household has had the sniffles. It all started when Madison came home from Kindergarten with a cough, and that’s how it usually starts. One child would come home with an illness and for some reason, we all just manage to succumb to whatever illness is going around. However, today I want to share 3 easy ways you can keep germs at bay with the help of PURELL® Multi Surface Disinfectant.

This post was sponsored by GOJO, the makers of PURELL® Multi Surface Disinfectant, as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

For years I have trusted PURELL® Hand Sanitizer for not just myself but my entire family. I would send it to school in my children’s backpacks, keep it in my handbag, and even in my car. You never know when you’re going to need to clean your hands, and there’s no water available. However, when you have children, especially with the cold and flu season upon us, you want to keep germs at bay. There’s nothing worse than spending hours in the ER when you could have prevented it in the first place.

I love disinfecting surfaces and have used other products in the past but have always had a problem with the “hospital” smell, and the fact that it wasn’t safe around food and my pets. When I learned about PURELL® Multi Surface Disinfectant I knew that this was something I wanted in my home. It’s brand new and like nothing else on the market today. I was able to purchase mine on Amazon and being a prime member received it in 2 days. I couldn’t wait to start disinfecting and the smell, oh my goodness, the smell! I could finally disinfect and clean without having to put a mask on. Yes, this PURELL® Multi Disinfectant spray is LIFE!

Anyway, before I go crazy telling you how amazing this is, and I promise I will. Let me share with you three easy ways you can keep germs at bay this holiday, and trust me, you’re going to need PURELL® Multi Surface Disinfectant.

1. Wash hands often

This has always been my number one tip. Little children not only love to touch everything, but they also enjoy putting said things into their mouths. Bacteria and viruses can live for a day or more on objects and everyday items that we touch, such as doorknobs. While using hand sanitizer can be an effective way of killing said germs, especially when water is not available, washing with soap and water thoroughly is even better. Teach your children the proper handwashing method, of washing for at least 20 seconds with preferably warm water and soap, and remind them to wash their hands especially after using the bathroom.

2. Cover coughs and sneezes

There’s a right way to cough and sneeze, and that’s by using the crook of your elbow unless you have a tissue on hand. Teach your children how to place their nose and mouth in the crook of their elbow in order to prevent the spread of germs. If your child does sneeze or cough in their hands, having hand sanitizer on hand will help to kill the spread of germs as well, or once again wash those hands! Since germs are usually spread through touch, having clean hands is a bonus.

3. Disinfect and clean common areas and surfaces

The flu virus can survive for as little as a few minutes, and as long as 24hrs on certain surfaces. Using a disinfectant such as PURELL® Multi Surface Disinfectant is a sure-fire way to kill the cold and flu virus. It quickly kills 99.99% of germs including cold and flu, strep and salmonella with absolutely no harsh chemicals, and is worry-free around kids, pets, and even food. You can use it on your food-prep surfaces, and you don’t even need to rinse your food prep area when you’re done, so there’s no need to worry. Use it on your kid’s toys, and don’t forget those doorknobs, including your front door, bathrooms, and bedroom doors. Here’s another fun fact, you can use this in places you’ve never thought to use a traditional cleaner before, and it won’t stain your clothing either! I told you this was life!

Bonus Tip – *Keep sick children at home*

In my daughters’ school, children can only return to school after they have been fever-free for more than 24hrs. Keeping sick children at home until they are no longer contagious will not only help to prevent the spread of germs and illness to other children but will prevent your own child from getting reinfected. Oh, how I wish all parents did this.

If you keep PURELL® Multi Surface Disinfectant on hand and use my tips, you will most certainly keep those germs at bay and in turn, keep your family healthy.

You too can purchase PURELL® Multi Surface Disinfectant online at Amazon.com (where you can get 20% off your purchase), Jet.com, and Walmart.com as well as in-store at H-E-B and Publix, and it will soon be available in stores at your local Shop Rite and Wakefern Food Corporation.

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