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The catch phrase for my blog is “follow me on my adventures through toddlerhood and beyond”. While that is true and I mainly focus on toddler and the occasional bigger kids (with the help of my stinky brothers) products, ever so often I’m contacted by a company that wants me to share with you something for the younger ones. The babies as I like to call them because I’m a big kid now. When Sassy Baby contacted me about doing a review for one of their newer products now available, mommy said “why not?”. After all this is what we do. We love to bring new and innovative products to our readers. Even if you don’t have a baby, I’m sure you know someone who does. And you also know that you’re getting a tried and true honest review. We don’t skimp on our reviews at all. No we don’t. We also don’t rush them to publication just to get them out of the way. We experience them just the way you would if you purchase this product in store. While sometimes I may not be able to actually use it, in terms of baby bottles or pacifiers, mommy does still give them a try. Yes EVERYTHING we review we actually do use. So without further ado, I bring you the Sassy Inspire the Senses Bounce Around Activity Center.

Source: Sassy Baby

Now a bit about Sassy Baby and their Inspire the Senses Line:

The Sassy Baby Bounce Around Activity Center is for babies ages 4m+ who can hold their head up unassisted and who is not able to walk or climb out of the product. For use up to 25 pounds and has 20 developmental activities.

On to my review:

First I want to talk about the packaging.

While most companies sends you products in packages that requires lots of manpower to open. Not this one. This has to be one of the easiest product that mommy has opened. No strings, no tape, nothing. It’s just as simple as opening up a regular box. You can take a hint from Sassy Baby, Fisher-Price!

Another great feature about the Bounce Around is that the assembly process was super easy. The only tool required was a screwdriver and all you had to do was screw 2 screws into the leg base. Everything else was snap and go. Now while it may look like a lot of parts in the photo, 4 of those are the legs, 2 are the seat attachment and the others are toys. Not a lot of pieces at all. Mommy did the assembly without any help from daddy and it took her all of about 10 minutes. Instructions were well written with included photos so it was absolutely fool proof.

Now I want to show you some photos of the product before I go into detail of what this activity center can really do!

The seat on the activity center is fully rotatable so your baby has a full 360 degree view while allowing him/her to be in reach of all the toys this has to offer. The seat is well padded and the padding is removable and washable. That makes it great for the spills and messes that we know babies like to make. Having a product that is easy to clean is one of the feature that mommy looks for in a product and we were happy that this offered that. The seat is also adjustable to 3 heights so you can custom fit it to the height of your baby.

The ladybug station requires 2AA batteries not included and features fun sounds and lights. There are four uptempo tunes in all and one that I recognized immediately, “twinkle twinkle little star”. There are also bead chasers that your little one will love pushing around. There is an on/off switch for the moms who get tired of listening to the music as well. There isn’t a volume control button which would have been great to have as well. Sometimes mommies don’t want the music off, just turned down.

The legs on the activity center makes this very stable. There is no risk of your little one tipping over. Trust me I know and you’ll find out just how I know in a bit. I have owned activity centers before but not a jumperoo or bounce around. Mommy was always wary that they didn’t look as safe as the ones that just lets you move around instead of bouncing/jumping around. Mommy’s fears have now been laid to rest with the Sassy Bounce Around.

Another thing is the toys that were all included. There are 5 included toys all brightly colored and all removable. There is a mirror that spins and we all know how much us little ones enjoy looking at ourselves. Yes we are very vain when we’re little. Having toys that are removable makes it great for your little one to hold and feel the textures. You can also take them with you when you’re going on a quick trip as well. The frog and the bee can be used as teethers while the hanging bugs rattle, squeak and crinkle. The pod makes it easy to switch your toys around and you can also buy or swap other Sassy products with this as well. The wonder wheel when spun engages your little one with the cascading beads and will be sure to keep their attention even if for a short period of time. We all know that their attention span isn’t that great.

All the toys inspire vision, hearing, touch or taste while encouraging hand to eye coordination and showing cause and effect. Now you may be wondering how was I able to know that this did all of this. Well I was able to test this for myself. Yes me!

I’m currently 27 months old and I measure 36 inches and I weight 28 pounds. I am 3 pounds over the limit but I still wanted to sit in it and give it a whirl. Mommy set it to the second height  but I think she should have done the third. We wanted to show you what it looks like with someone of my height and weight so you can judge for yourself with your own little one.

Overall Impression:

The Sassy Bounce Around Activity Center is your one stop activity center for your little one. With bright vivid colors and fun textures your little one would have quite a time bouncing around while you mommies and daddies get a break. It really does inspire the senses and with the seat height adjustment you will be able to use it for quite some time. Removable washable padded seating making sure your little one is always sitting on a clean surface. Easy to assemble so your little one can be in and enjoying him/herself in no time. Reasonably priced at $99 this is money well spent. I have to give the Bounce Around my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Here’s a video of the Bounce Around in action!

You can purchase the Sassy Inspire the Senses Bounce Around Activity Center at Amazon, Burlington Coat Factory or Walmart.

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