Almost Wordless Wednesday: Trip to the Doctor

It’s that time of the week again! That time when we do an almost Wordless Wednesday. I can’t help but talk so it would never be a Wordless Wednesday. At least not on Growing Up Madison. This week we’re going to talk about Doctor’s Visits. You know the ones where you go and they give you a lolly because they gave you a shot.

Yeah the mean doctor’s office!

Last week was my 18th month birthday and that meant that I had to get a well baby visit. I like to call it a well toddler visit because I’m no longer a baby anymore. I’m a big girl now. I may not know how to use the bathroom all by myself as yet but I still consider myself to be a big girl. 

Mommy always make going to the doctor out to be such an exciting thing for me but to be honest I really don’t like going. It means that I’m stuck in a waiting room with other toddlers or babies whose mommy and daddies make them sit still and behave until they’re called back to the nurses station. 

Now who makes a pediatric waiting room so boring that there’s nothing to do! The Military that’s who!!

Well once we get called back the first thing they make me do is take my shoes off. I remember the days when I had to get naked and sit on a scale but since I’m a big girl I only need to take my shoes off and step on a scale. See the difference? I get to step instead of sit. Yay me!

After being weighed it was time to measure my enormous head. This is done at every doctors visit and it’s growing pretty well I might say. That big head means that I have a big brain which gets smarter and smarter every day. Very soon I’m going to be much smarter than mommy. I’m already smarter than my brothers. They can never find me when I hide. You know what? Now that my big brain is getting smarter I just realized that they never look for me anyway. They make me hide but they never seek!

Well after measuring my head it was now time for me to be actually measured. They wanted to see how much taller I’ve gotten and I can clearly say that I have actually gotten taller. I am more than 2 1/2 feet tall. I’m supermodel baby height. 

After all my measurements were taken it was now time to see the doctor. My doctor is a Major and she wanted to know all about my diet and how I was eating. Mommy told her that I hated milk but I loved cheese and I enjoyed drinking Pediasure. She said that as long as I was having some dairy in my diet at least 2 servings I was ok and I needed to have protein such as meats or peanut butter or beans. So I’m doing well after all. Mommy was worried because I’m skinny but my doctor said not to worry because I’m supposed to be a slim baby and have always been that way. No chunky baby for mommy.

Well that wasn’t all the doctor said. She said that since it’s my 18th well toddler (she said baby but I’m not a baby!) visit that I would need 2 vaccinations. Say what!!! Did I hear her correctly? Yes I did I will now need 2 vaccinations. We’re not going to talk about vaccinations because everyone has their own take on whether or not their child should be vaccinated and it’s up to each parent to do what they feel is right for their child. Mommy chooses to vaccinate and if you choose not to then that’s your choice and your decision to make. 

They put you in this really nice room with nice Toy Story stickers on the wall to give you this sense of security but don’t let those pretty pictures fool you. This room is the room of terror. This is where that lovely nurse comes in smiling with those needles while telling you that you’re pretty and making you feel good about yourself. Hi Madison she say’s while smiling. How are you today? You look so pretty in your little outfit. She’s the nurse of horror and I will always remember her!

But guess what happened today. I did not even shed a tear. I lived up to my big girl role and I took those vaccinations like a champ. As usual they tell you the signs to look out for and you have to stay around for 15 minutes after your vaccinations for any unseen side effects but I was totally fine! 

Mommy wow! I’m a big kid now! 

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