Easy Easter Egg Carton Bouquet – Easy Craft for Kids


We’re going to be missing out on St. Patricks Day but that doesn’t mean that we’ll be missing Easter. We just love Easter with the egg hunts, the pastel colors and for me Easter signifies that Spring is officially here. The flowers are generally in bloom and the butterflies come out to play. So I got to thinking, Easter + Easter Eggs + Flowers + Butterflies? What can I come up with? Usually my inspiration will hit in the middle of nowhere and Madison is always more than willing to oblige my whims. She’s totally into crafting and asks every day “what are we crafting” today?

Well over the weekend I happened to go into my local dollar store and came upon some cute butterflies and knew exactly what I wanted to do. The fact that we also eat lots of eggs weekly means also that there are always empty egg cartons laying around. The dollar tree is an amazing place to pick up cheap craft supplies so I picked up a few floral pieces as well and decided to come home and make an easy easter egg carton bouquet, complete with butterflies. You also know me, I LOVE anything that’s easy. After all when you’re a mom, who has hours to sit and do crafts? I know I don’t.

Easy Easter Egg Carton Bouquet

Supplies Need:

Empty Egg Carton

Fake Flowers & Butterflies (found at Dollar Tree)

Glue Gun



Once again these directions are so simple that I feel silly even showing how it’s done. However a few people have actually said that they like seeing it step by step, so here goes.

Step 1:
Cut your egg carton into little cubes along the lines. Since it’s easier for me to show you, the picture below is what you’re going to be aiming for. You’re also going to want to break apart your flowers into single pieces and remove the leaves.

Step 2:
With the stem of one of your flower poke a hole in one of your egg carton cube and pull it all the way through.

Step 3:
Next you’re going to want to attach some glue to the bottom of your egg carton and then attach your leaf. Pull the leaf back onto the stem all the way up to the carton and the glue so that it attaches firmly.

Step 4:
With your butterflies attach some glue to the underside and place it on your carton so that it looks like it’s smelling the flower.

That’s it! Easy Peasy! It probably took us less than 10 minutes from start to finish and once you get the hang of it, it’ll go really easy. Now all you need is a cute little vase to put your Easter Egg Carton Bouquet in. We recently saw the Diet Coke limited edition bottles at our local Target and picked up two of them. I don’t drink coke so threw the contents out and used the bottles for this. I feel much better knowing that Madison can use that instead of my expensive vase.


1. To cut the flowers easier a wire cutter would make it a whole lot easier. I started out using my scissors and while it did the job because the wire was thin, if you’re using a thicker flower a scissors might not work.

For an even more beautiful bouquet you might also want to color your egg carton cubes into different colors as well.

You can experiment with the flowers and if you can’t find butterflies can substitute with ladybugs which we also saw at our Dollar Tree.

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