Madame Alexander Little Sister BabbleBaby & Play With Me BumbleBee

There’s nothing like holding a new born baby in your arms. I remember the days of Madison now 4 being around 2 months old and learning the art of babbling or cooing as some people would say. I would sit there and “talk” to her for hours while she would talk right back. It was as if she understood every word I was saying to her and I thought I understood what she was saying right back. It’s that foundation that starts yours child’s love of learning and language. As a Madame Alexander Ambassador we get to try out their newest dolls and so far we have yet to be disappointed. Just recently we were sent the Madame Alexander Little Sister BabbleBaby and the Play With Me BumbleBee activity toy, both of which we will be sharing with you today.

The Madame Alexander Little Sister BabbleBaby does exactly what it says. It’s the baby sister of their much bigger 19″ original BabbleBaby and stands at only 14″ tall. It’s the perfect size for tiny hands. Now why this is called a BabbleBaby is because it actually “responds” or “babbles” when you talk to her.  She comes equipped with 2AA batteries already installed so she’s ready to play with right out of the box. The advanced technology that allows BabbleBaby to talk to you is one that we have yet to be seen in others. The longer you talk to your BabbleBaby, the longer she replies and the sounds are just like a real baby. Truly delightful.

She comes dressed in an adorable white dress with a pink and white polka dot tulle. She also wears a pink and white stripe leggings and matching headband, all of which are removable. Very stylish if you ask me. Her body is soft making her easy to hug and she also has a vinyl head, hands and feet. Her eyes open and closes so she looks like she’s sleeping when put to lay down, and when she’s up and wide awake, she looks right at you with her baby blue eyes. Take a look at the below video to see just how cute she is.

The Play With Me BumbleBee Activity Toy stands at 12″ and is the perfect activity toy for younger babies. It is recommended for newborns and up. While it will remind some of baby’s first doll, it is much more than a doll. It not only rattles when shaken, squeaks and crinkles when pressed but it comes with an attached teether for those who are going into their teething stages. It’s made with a cloth body making it soft and huggable and just right for younger babies. It does however have a vinyl face that you may want to keep an eye on with little ones who like to shake things around. The Play With Me BumbleeBee Activity Toy is a great way to help develop their gross motor and sensory skills and delight their senses.

While we adored both of Madame Alexanders new addition to their line, the Little Sister BabbleBaby and their Play With Me BumbleBee, because of Madison’s age, she truly enjoyed the Little Sister Babble Baby quite a lot. She had a lot of fun “talking” to her and waiting for her response. This is great for kids who will be introducing a new baby into the family. It’s a great way for them to learn not only how to “talk” to but also how to take care of the new baby in the household. Dolls are great learning tools and these are no exception. Madame Alexander once again gets Madison’s TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

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