Eight Exciting Ways To Spend A Snow Day

When winter rolls around, there are few things my kids look forward to more than the potential for a snow day. If the forecast calls for severe snow, they’re constantly checking the news to see if classes have been canceled. As a parent, while I understand the excitement of an unexpected day off, I don’t always look forward to having to come up with ways to keep them entertained – especially when we can’t really go anywhere.

Fortunately, I’ve experienced my fair share of snow days with my kids, and I’ve figured out plenty of ways over the years to make things fun and exciting when they’re stuck inside. Want to make some snow day memories your kids won’t soon forget? Here are eight exciting ways to spend a snow day with your kids:

Bake Something Delicious.

There’s no better way to mark a special occasion than with a special meal. Whether you choose to whip up chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, make some oatmeal raisin cookies for an afternoon snack, or indulge in breakfast for dinner, a memorable meal will add to the novelty of the day.

Watch a Movie Marathon!

If the snow’s coming down hard outside, it might just be the perfect day to stay inside and watch your favorite movie series as a marathon. See what options you can find on Netflix or Hulu or raid your DVD selection to create the perfect lineup. Then, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Bring the Outdoor Fun Inside.

Get creative and find ways to recreate your child’s favorite outdoor activities in the warmth of your home. From creating a hopscotch outline on the carpet with painter’s tape to hula hooping in the basement, there are plenty of ways to make your favorite outside activities inside-friendly.

Try an At-Home Science Project.

There are lots of fun and interactive science projects you can try with your kids without buying too many supplies. Use the liquids in your kitchen to demonstrate density, mix up some slime, or try your hand at any number of experiments you can find on Youtube and other websites.

Build a Snowman.

Brave enough to weather the snowstorm outside? Embrace the snowy weather and head out to assemble your very own snowman. Dress it up with some fun winter accessories and snap a few photos of your creation before heading inside to warm up!

Channel Your Inner Architect.

Let your little ones put their imaginations to work and build to their heart’s content. Save old cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes, and other bits and pieces that could be used to construct something fantastic. Then, challenge your kids to build a rocket ship, a racecar, or whatever else their imaginations can come up with.

Dance Party!

Need to burn off some pent-up energy? Put on your family’s favorite upbeat, kid-friendly playlist and bust out your favorite dance moves in your living room. See who can master the moonwalk, the Macarena, and the worm, or challenge each other to come up with your own signature dance move.  Use your cell phone’s video camera feature to record the fun for a future music video.

Plan a Picnic Inside.

Recreating a picnic lunch indoors can be a fun way to celebrate a snow day. Pull together all of your picnic favorites, like sandwiches, chips, and cookies – or prep whatever’s available in your kitchen – and set everything up on a blanket in the middle of your living room floor. Just be careful not to spill!

Snow days don’t come around too often, so take advantage of them when they arrive and have some fun with your little ones. Keep these ideas in mind if you’re looking for ways to stay busy, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy an exciting snow day together.

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