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Madison my youngest child who just turned 4 very rarely smiles. It’s not as if she doesn’t have a beautiful smile when she does, it’s just her nature. My mom used to call her an “old soul”, she was a young child in an old person’s body who has seen all that life has to offer and just isn’t impressed. However when she does show that rarely seen smile you can see her pearly whites which her dentist has assured me is very healthy. So far we have managed to go cavity free and it’s not by trying. While we tend to eat rather healthy, by limiting our snack and sweet intake we also make sure that we pay our dentist his twice yearly visit. This month is Child Dental Health Awareness Month and MetLife would like to remind their military community about the important dental benefits available to dependent children and spouses of Active Duty service members and Reservists. As a mother of 4 children I couldn’t be happier with the benefits of having the MetLife TRICARE Dental as my plan.

My son Mikael who just turned 11 as most of you know is autistic. He also has an overbite and will very soon be getting braces to correct it, as soon as all his permanent teeth are in place. Before then he not only had a problem with thumb sucking but also had a problem with grinding his teeth. On a previous dental visit he was giving a dental bill of health when we went in for our customary cleaning. One of the recommendation was applying sealants to his teeth to prevent cavities. Of course I agreed because he’s one of those kids who don’t alway remember to brush. The process was short and easy and I personally prefer having a sealant than having to deal with the process of drilling holes to close a cavity. It is actually recommended that dental sealants be placed on permanent molars shortly after they erupt.

Now I mentioned about him having a problem with grinding his teeth. While it was one of the most annoying habits in my opinion, he very slowly grew out of it. Do you know that it’s common for children to grind their teeth more often while they’re sleeping than while awake? While no-one knows why children grind their teeth, and I certainly had no idea why he grinded his, however teeth grinding can and may result with a few problems such as causing jaw pain, headaches and even wear on their teeth.

Here are a few tips to help your own little one stop grinding their teeth if you also have that problem.

Decrease your child’s stress, especially just before bed.

Try massage and stretching exercises to relax the muscles.

Make sure your child’s diet includes plenty of water.  Dehydration may be linked to teeth grinding.

Ask your dentist to monitor your child’s teeth if he or she grinds their teeth.

No intervention is usually required with preschool-age children.  However, older children may need temporary crowns or other methods, such as a night guard, to prevent the grinding.

For those who have MetLife TRICARE Dental Program there are a few benefits that you should be aware of.

You are entitled to 2 cleanings and 2 exams per year at no cost when you see a network dentist.

If your child requires sealants on their permanent molars, you can get them for your child through the age of 18 with a 20% cost share.

For those with older children such as myself, you have orthodontic coverage up to the age of 23 as long as your child is a full time student.

You are also entitled to 2 topical fluoride applications within a consecutive 12-month period.

So while Madison’s smile may be rare, I I don’t have to worry because I know that the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program has got me covered. If you’re a member of the armed forces here are the ways you can enroll.

There are 4 easy ways to enroll!

1. Online visit

2. Call 1-855-638-8371 CONUS, 1-855-638-8372 OCONUS, or 1-855-638-8373 TDD/TTY

3. Fax a completed Enrollment Authorization document (found on to 1-855-763-1337

4. Mail a completed Enrollment Authorization document to MetLife TRICARE Dental Program, P.O. Box 14185 Lexington, KY 40512

For additional program information, visit

For more information and to connect you may also visit:

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Let’s discuss: Have you thought about sealants for your own kids teeth? 

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