Shimmer and Shine This Holiday!

If you have a toddler or preschooler, then more than likely your television is usually stuck on a few dedicated channels. As the mother of a preschooler I can tell you that mine is. I can probably sing the theme songs of more children’s shows than adult ones. One of those shows being Shimmer and Shine, an animated preschool series that features twin genies, Shimmer and Shine, and their best friend Leah. Madison has been obsessed with the series, and you know that whenever she watches the show, she shares the dialogue with me. There’s lot of fun and laughter and Madison joins in and sometimes I join in as well. The show teaches kids that its lots of fun to work together as a team and problems aren’t solved by wishes, but it is fun to try.

Mattel sent Madison a collection of Shimmer and Shine toys that your little ones are going to love this holiday. When she opened the box and saw all the Shimmer and Shine that she received, I only wish that I had my camera on hand so I could record her expression. She yelled “YAY, SHIMMER AND SHINE IS MINE AND I’M NOT SHARING!”. I’m pretty sure that will be your little one’s expression as well.

I am a fan of toys that help kids express themselves – toys that help boost their imagination. There is nothing more fun than watching a child having a full on conversation with their toys. Madison sits and plays, pretending that she’s asking for wishes and even have conversations pretending that she’s the mom, and their hair needs a bit of combing. Her favorite however was the Shimmer and Shine Magic Flying Carpet. What an adventure that was! She insisted on taking it outside, because, “you can’t fly inside of the house”. What reasoning!

The Shimmer and Shine Magic Flying Carpet is just like the one on the television show and includes both Shimmer and Shine in their sparkly shimmering outfits. Complete with over 40 phrases and magical sounds and realistic flying movements, the carpet recognizes when you’re zooming through the air, tilted, or flying down low. Both Shimmer and Shine can be placed sitting up or laying down while enjoying their magical carpet ride, while your little one’s imagination soar.

If a magic carpet ride isn’t quite your thing, how about getting a bigger Shimmer or Shine? You can get either Wish and Spin Shimmer or Wish and Spin Shine or even both! Like the Magic Flying Carpet, these toys are full of fun and imagination – coming to life and magically singing, talking, and even dancing while they grant wishes – just like in the TV show.

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