Brica Baby In-Sight Auto Mirror, Magical Firefly

Disclaimer: I was given the product in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own. 

Today I’m going to be reviewing the Brica Baby In-Sight Auto Mirror, Magical Firefly. This was a freebie from Amazon’s Vine and this is my unbiased review.

I currently use the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Baby View Mirror which doesn’t do anything but enable me to look at myself while mommy’s driving and mommy to look at me. It did not cost as much as this one does but it does the job that it was made to do.

Mommy was looking for something else to use in her SUV since the Fisher-Price model is installed in the minivan which is my primary ride, so when this was offered by Vine mommy and I thought “lucky us”.

It was delivered by USPS and I was more excited to see it than mommy was I think. I was finally getting a new mirror, one that played music. Yay me! Well my joy ended once we opened the box and pulled the tab of the try me mode from the back. It stopped playing music. I couldn’t believe it. As if that wasn’t bad enough it required 3AA batteries and the remote required a cell battery that was not included. Now AA batteries are batteries that you usually have at home but a cell battery?

Anyway a quick trip to Target got us the batteries we needed and we decided to install it in the minivan. Installation was simple, nothing complicated. You don’t even need the instructions. I loved this mirror because it was much bigger than my old one so I can see more of myself. The songs are all original songs, nothing that mommy and I have ever heard before and the upbeat ones are the best. The soothing ones may be great when I’m going to sleep but I prefer to sleep in silence anyway. I also loved the little lights that twinkled while the music was playing. That was super awesome!

The remote once the battery was installed though is a nice touch but there is no on or off button. You have to turn the mirror on by hand so be sure to do that once you put your little one in their car seat or you’ll be driving without the music. There is also a volume control on the remote so you can turn the music down when it starts getting too annoying. The mirror runs for about 10 minutes before the music stops and you have to restart it using the remote. The mode of play soothing/upbeat is also controlled using the remote. There is an auto shut off feature as well.

This would make a great mirror for your car not just for you but for your little one as well. I love mine and I’m sure your little one would love theirs as well.

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