The First Years True Fit SI C680 Car Seat

Disclaimer: I was given the product in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own. 

A car seat is a must when you have a baby and it is actually required by every state that you have one before you’re able to leave the hospital.

I currently use a Britax Pavillion 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat which I will review at a later date. This review though is about the First Years True Fit SI 680 Car Seat. The SI in the True Fit’s name stands for Side Impact and the contoured head rest is designed to give your child better head control and to protect your child’s head in case of a car crash. Since I wasn’t big enough to use the head rest we didn’t install it.

The True Fit though can only be used rear facing from 5-35lbs and forward facing 23-65lbs. It has a no rethread harness and is easy to use. It was also easy to install in mommy’s Santa Fe using the lap belt in the middle. Mommy and daddy was able to install it in less than 10 minutes. Since I’m rather tall for my age and I’m within the requirements of using it forward facing, mommy decided to use it forward facing since my feet were squished and I was rather uncomfortable in the rear facing position.

It is also quite difficult to install rear facing without using the latches. If you have a newborn and do not have a car with the latch system I’d suggest getting something else that is a little easier to install. Also since this does not come out of your car, I’d suggest getting a car seat that can taken in and out of your car without having to disturb your newborn.

It is bulky as well in comparison to the Britax which has deeper seats for me to sit in and thus enables me to use it rear facing a little longer. The seats though are very well cushioned and comfortable so once I’m in there’s no complaint from me.

The seat cover can also be removed and is machine washable so if I make a mess it can be cleaned. After all no one likes sitting on a dirty seat. I know I don’t. This does come in a variety of colors so you’ll find one that you love.

One thing that I must mention about this car seat that I do not like is that I get all sweaty in it after sitting for prolong periods of time. If your little one sweats profusely then this might not be the seat for him/her. The material that its made from keeps me hot.

One more thing is that part between my legs constantly comes off whenever I take off my seatbelt. It can get pretty annoying. My only wish was that it came attached.

Would I recommend this car seat for your little one? I actually would but only for toddlers and not for your newborn, and also if your toddler isn’t a little sweater. It’s not terribly expensive although there are cheaper versions out there but for the features you’re receiving this is a good convertible car seat.

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