4 Moms Origami

I’ve been stopped countless times while riding in my Origami and I’ve had to give little demonstrations. So for those of you interested in getting a 4 Moms Origami here are my views on it.

The 4 Moms Origami is the world’s first power folding stroller which opens and folds at the touch of a button. This stroller though was made specifically for babies 6 months and older so if you’re shopping for a stroller for your newborn then this is definitely not what you want, although there is a Graco SnugRide Series Car Seat Adapter that you can buy so your newborn can travel in style but do you really want to spend more money? Thankfully mommy found out early about this and got me a second stroller. The Britax B-Ready Stroller in red was perfect for me since it went along with the Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat. It was as simple as snap and go. I’ll do a review on them both as well.

Anyway for those of you interested in the Origami here are few things you may want to think about before buying. Do you have to climb a lot of stairs, take the subway or bus etc? If you do then this may not be the stroller for you. It is very heavy! This weighs close to 30lbs and can you imagine carrying this up and down the stairs while holding your baby? If you do most of your travel by car then this may be for you. It stays stored in the trunk and we take it out when we need it.

The Origami does come neatly packaged and is very easy to put together. It comes in standard grey and if you want to change the color (hot pink, blue, green, black and red) it’s going to cost you. Tool needed is included in the box and is only needed to put the handlebars together. The seat is very easy to install and once that’s done, your stroller is put together and done.

There is a LCD screen that tells you whether or not your baby is in the seat. When I was much smaller mommy placed me in the seat and because I was less than 15lbs it could not recognize me. Once I was past 15lbs the sensor in the seat was able to let mommy know that I was sitting there. If there’s a baby in the seat the stroller would not be able to fold. There is a safety switch that you can turn on that would prevent anyone (meaning little people like me) from folding the stroller as well.

The LCD screen is the coolest feature of the Origami. It lets mommy know the temperature, how far we’ve walked since it has a built in pedometer and the battery life. The good thing about this is that it charges while it goes so just simply strolling around the neighborhood with your baby charges it. So far we’ve only had to charge it externally once since we hadn’t used it in a while and the battery died. It does come with a power supply charger. It can be unfolded manually but to be honest its not very easy to do. It also comes with reflective seating and really cool headlights that comes on when there is change of lighting so you can see in the dark and be seen.

It comes with lots of space to place your drinks, 4 in all so you can run around with your little one’s drinks and your cup of joe as well. This stroller does not recline far enough as well for a comfortable ride if your little one falls asleep. See that picture of me? That’s as far back as it goes, so this is only perfect for short runs.

The stroller has a price tag of $849.99 and if you want the color kit to change the color like mine it would cost you and extra $99. My feelings are mixed on this stroller. It’s a great stroller for older babies and toddlers and a great head-turner but at this price tag and the weight I really can’t recommend it. For those of you still interested in getting it I would suggest finding it at a store near you and trying it out first. After all hands on is a good way to buy.

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