Britax B-Ready Stroller Review

We promised to review the Britax B-Ready Stroller when we reviewed our 4 Moms Origami. You can read our review on the Origami HERE. Right now the B-Ready is our stroller of choice. We’ve been using it since birth and it’s been working out really great for us. Mommy do intend to get a smaller stroller though for when I’m a little older but for now this is what we’re using.

First let us tell you that assembly was a breeze. If you have ever a hard time assembling a stroller then you will love this because you will have no problem with this.

Going for a stroll

Mommy originally bought the Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat for me and the B-Ready features that innovative click and go system. This simply meant that my car seat was easily installed exactly as it stated. Click and Go. My car seat could be placed both backward and forward facing but since I was a newborn mommy liked seeing what I was doing so I used it backward facing almost 95% of the time.

Shopping with Mommy

The Britax B-Ready Stroller is very versatile and can be customized in quite a number of ways and can even be used as a double stroller. The B-Ready Stroller can be used with either your infant car seat, a bassinet or the included seat. You can also buy a second seat thus making it a double stroller. The seat can be reclined in 4 different positions and has an adjustable leg rest. The B-Ready also comes with a very large canopy that really blocks the sun when strolling in the summer sun.

They seemed to have thought of everything even down to the adjustable handle. Daddy is 6’5″ and doesn’t have to bend his back when taking me out for a stroll in this. The huge rubber tires also helps with my travel by giving me a most comfortable ride. The brake pedals is also color coded red/green and we all know that green means go. It just takes one step on the brake pedal to lock and unlock the rear wheels. This also comes with a huge basket that allows you to store some of your shopping bags while out shopping with your little one as well.

Five point safety harness and trust us when we say that it’s not too easy for your little one to get it undone either. Mommy sometimes have a difficult time undoing it herself so you know that your little one is safely buckled in. One other thing that mommy loved about this is the easy way in which it folds. There is no need to recline the seat like most strollers require you to do. We should also point out that the weight limit of B-Ready Stroller is also 55lbs.

Five Point Safety Harness with Adjustable Footrest

Mommy did not really like the weight of this stroller and wished that it was lighter. It can be a chore if you need to lift it up the stairs with your baby in it. This also comes with a cup holder but mommy did not use it because she did not like the look of it attached. The stroller is also a little bit wide so if you’re a city dweller taking the bus and trains you may want to reconsider this as well.

This stroller is recommended for newborns but once your toddler becomes more mobile you may want to switch to something that is a bit lighter like an umbrella stroller because of the weight. It is highly recommended though if you want to use it as a double stroller using the second seat.

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