Congo River Golf – Orlando Florida

It’s 2016 and there are LOTS of changes are once again happening on Growing Up Madison. You may have noticed that we recently incorporated a travel tab on the blog. When we first started this site it was supposed to be all about Madison’s adventures but we diverted, not just a bit but a LOT, away from that. We’re revamping and going back to what we started out doing. While last year we did a lot less reviews, this year we will be doing even less. We will be traveling a lot more so there will also be less posts but it’s going to be all about her adventures sprinkled in with a few reviews of products that we just love. Today however I want to share one of her adventures in Orlando Florida. While most people think of Orlando, Florida as the home of Disney World and Universal Studios, there is so much more to do besides that. I would suggest just taking a trip and really visiting Orlando. On our 2nd day in Orlando we decided to do a bit of mini golf with my brother and his wife who was also in Florida at the time from Canada. We decided to visit the Congo River Golf located at 5901 International Drive, Orlando.

One of the main attraction besides playing mini golf of course was the fact that you can feed their live alligators. While we have seen alligators at the zoos, we have actually never seen them this quite up close and we’ve also never had the chance to feed them either. We however passed on feeding them and went on to have fun playing mini golf.

The layout of the mini golf attraction was a sight to behold and an adventure to experience. It is not your typical 18-hole mini golf course. There were caves, tiki huts, waterfalls and even a mini forest. It was like you were on an African adventure. While we experienced our adventure during the day, I can only imagine what it’s like playing at night. Here’s a word of caution for those who’ve never experienced a Florida summer. It is very HOT and humid so stock up on your sunscreen and try to stay hydrated and cool. I’m sure we were fully tanned by the time we got back and we are naturally tan.

However the Congo River Golf mini golf course has water fans to help keep you cool in the summer and we took advantage of all that we met. We found out that the Congo River Golf was based upon the adventures of Sir Henry Morgan Stanley and David Livingstone, both of whom were explorers in Africa in the 1800’s.

At the end of your mini golf experience you can enter the game room where you can play arcade games. There is even a basketball hoop where you can play against family and friends. You can even go mining for gemstones head to the supply outpost where you can pick up your souvenirs of your trip.  We truly enjoyed our experience and plan on visiting again one day, however with so much to do in Orlando we’re hoping to do as much as we can but will keep it on our list.

So the next time you’re in Orlando, Florida and looking for something to do with the family, might I suggest a round of mini golf at the Congo River Golf. You’ll have an adventure of a lifetime!

Here are the rates and times of operation.

Adults  – $12.99

Children under 10 – $10.99

One child under 5 with each paid admission. – Free

Sunday – Thursday – 10am-11pm

Friday & Saturday – 10am-12am

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