Too Young to Learn? We Don’t Think So!

Most of you know that my mom loves, loves, LOVES to buy me new things. When shopping for items besides clothing for me she always look at the educational input it would have on me and if there’s an educational value she tries to get it for me.

Sometimes though I just want a toy to play with. Something with no educational value at all but just plain fun. I do have a few of those but not very many. Mommy says I’m not too young to learn and she’s always right.

Well today I’m going to review a couple of DVD’s that mommy bought for me. They’re from the Preschool Prep Company and are called the Preschool Prep & Sight Words 7 DVD Pack. There are 4 DVD’s that introduces me to letter, numbers, shapes and colors and 3 that introduces me to sight words but are in levels. So there’s Level 1, 2 and 3.

Mommy says that the Sight Words Packs may be just a little too advanced for me but we are going to start with the Preschool Prep Pack which is going to teach me my letters, numbers, shapes and colors. So guess what we did? We popped in the Meet the Colors video which states that its great from ages 9 months to 5 years and we weren’t disappointed.

We got to meet Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Black and White. The DVD was 45 minutes long and was based on repetition. The TV screen turned the yellow while the narrator said the color over and over again and then the fun began. A yellow animated Furball (almost looks like a Furby) came out repeating the color while doing other things with the color yellow and and did this for about 3 minutes until it was time for another color to make their grand entrance.

My plan is to watch 1 video a week on a daily basis before I switch to watching another one.

The DVD’s are geared towards babies and toddlers like me and the Preschool Prep Series DVD’s have won over 25 National Awards and are used in thousands of schools across the US. I actually enjoyed the video and can’t wait to watch the others.

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