How to Make Bath Time Fun ~ #SuavePartner

Bath time – the one time in my household when I can get Madison to relax and actually be quiet. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy hearing her stories over and over again, but when you’ve heard how she was the class leader about 20 times since she’s been out of school, it can get a little tiresome. Don’t tell her that though, because she’ll automatically think that you’re being “mean”. Ever since Madison was a baby, she’s always enjoyed bath time and I have always tried to make it fun for her. Even if she ends up looking like a prune after being in the tub for much longer than she needs to, she would insist that the water is still warm and that she’s not cold. With the introduction of Suave Kids® Disney Collection, it’s now almost impossible.

How many times have you heard the song “Let it Go” in your own household? What about your children dressing up as Anna and Elsa? Madison is slightly (ok that is a mild understatement), obsessed with Disney’s Frozen characters, so imagine her excitement when she found out that Suave now had her favorite characters that she could use in the bathroom.

I have always loved Suave products. My son Kyle actually tells me that I’m pronouncing it wrong and calls it Suavé (sua-vay), because according to him, it’s just that good! I have loved their prices that doesn’t break my pocket and to be honest, they work just as good, and sometimes even better than the more expensive stuff, but I digress.

Madison LOVES her new Suave Kids® Disney Collection. The Disney Frozen Elsa 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner in Berry Flurry comes in a delicious strawberry scent that children will love. Madison used to hate washing her hair because according to her, the shampoo would sometimes burn her eyes. This is tear free! It has a rich, creamy lather that rinses out easily and leaves their hair feeling soft and clean.

The Disney Frozen Anna Detangler Spray in Sparkle Berry leaves her hair manageable and if you know Madison personally, you’d know that her hair isn’t manageable at all. It also leaves it softer than it was before and is great at taming knots and flyaways. While I was a bit wary about using it in her hair since she has extensions in, it worked really well, and I just LOVED the smell. So for those wanting to know, it can be used on any type of hair. Yay!

Today I however want to share with you 5 ways you can make bath time fun with your little ones:

1. Bath Toys – You’re never too old for bath toys. Rubber duckies aren’t the only bath toys that are available on the market. You can do foam alphabets and numbers and even making it a learning experience. Add a few and make bath time fun again.

2. Bath Bubbles – Everyone loves a good bubble bath, I mean who doesn’t? Even grownups do.

3. Bath Games – Have you ever played iSpy in the bathroom? You’ll be surprised at how many items you can spy while taking that bath. They can even role play with their bath toys. Madison just recently had a very long dialogue with Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

4. Songs – Do you have a favorite song that you sing with your little ones, start singing in the bath. After all we’re usually the best singers, and everyone’s a star when we’re in the shower. Any song or songs will do and you don’t even have to be pitch perfect.

5. Buy New Bath Products with their Favorite Characters – Suave Disney Frozen Olaf 2-in-1 Shampoo + Body Wash in Icy Grape makes bath time extra special. It comes in a fruity scent that kids just love and it leaves them clean from head to toe. It also leaves them smelling delicious enough to eat as well. This 2-in-1 product is amazing because only one bottle is needed, and it is great for small bathrooms since you don’t have many bottles to store.

So if you’re looking for a new bath time routine to start with your kids, consider the new Suave Kids® Disney collection. They are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and available in easy to use pump bottle or squeezable tube. They are perfect for daily use and comes in fun, fresh scents that will leave your kids smelling awesome and clean from head to toe.

The Suave Kids® Disney collection is available for sale at Walmart, Target, Mass, Grocery, Drug and Value retailers nationwide.

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