5 Reasons to Take a Walt Disney World Vacation Today!

If you’re like me, any reason is a good reason to take a vacation to Disney World. I know that you are secretly planning a getaway to Walt Disney World — The Most Magical Place On Earth. The sights, smells, and sounds of Disney are unique to anywhere in the world, and it’s truly a place where magic is real and dreams come true.  Now is the time to go!  Disney World has opened new attractions, it’s more economical to travel now, and Disney is simply wonderful.  Read on to find out 5 reasons why you should plan your Disney vacation as soon as possible!

Soarin Around The World Is Now Open

The long wait for Soarin Around The World is over!  On June 17th, this incredible attraction opened to the public, providing an incredible experience for riders.  The ride takes you across the Great Wall of China, Sydney Harbor in Australia, around the Matterhorn in Switzerland, through the Safaris of Africa, and more.  The ride is awe-inspiring, offering unique points of view to guests, and giving them an unforgettable experience.  Soarin Over California has been closed since January, much to the chagrin of Disney enthusiasts.

Frozen Ever After Finally Opens

If you or your child are Frozen fans like the rest of the world, you will need to stop by EPCOT to visit the brand new Frozen Ever After ride.  This adventure takes you through the kingdom of Arendelle, starting at the docks of the fjord, and then taking you to visit Kristoff and the Trolls, Elsa’s castle, and then glide back down to the city to finish your “Summer Snow Day.”  You can also meet Anna and Elsa in their brand new Royal Sommerhus in the Norway Pavilion of EPCOT.  Also, Kristoff and Olaf lead the new Frozen Games at Blizzard Beach where families can compete in different events such as Slide Races, the Snowball Toss, Ice Pail Relays, Ski Pole Limbo and more.

New Adventures at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is open later than ever with a few new attractions.  For one, The Tree of Life comes to life at sunset.  The spirits of the animals carved into the trunk prance about with stunning animation and imagery.  Along Discovery River, you will find The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic, a spectacular show that happens every 20 minutes after sunset.   Lastly, you can visit the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride well into the night with special sunset lighting, allowing you to see nocturnal animals you may have missed during the day.  Unfortunately, the “Rivers of Light” show has been postponed until October.

Gas Prices Are Starting to Decrease

If you’re planning to drive down to Orlando, you’re in luck! Following the yearly spike in May, gas prices are starting to fall.  Over the course of the year, gas prices rise and fall as follows: in January, prices are low, and then continue to rise until May, when they hit the yearly high. Throughout the summer, they start to drop, rising again in August, and then continue to drop until the end of the year, when they cycle repeats.

How Long Should You Plan To Stay?

This all depends on how many parks you would like to visit, and how thorough you would like to be. If you have the time, get a 5 day pass, giving yourself one day to visit each park, and the last day to return to your favorite one.  Once you hit 4 days, it is only $15 to add another day onto your pass.  Do not get a park hopper pass, as you will waste time running between parks (trust me, Walt Disney World is HUGE).

Take the time to appreciate each park, meet the characters, ride the attractions, wander through the ambiance, eat at the restaurants (if you’re trying to save money, grab a late lunch/early dinner so that you can still eat your dinner with lunch prices).  You should plan to at least stay two days.  If you’re getting one ticket, for one day, ticket prices vary based on the time of year you visit and which park you want to see, so if you want to avoid that surcharge, buy a multi-day pass (unless you’re visiting the end of August or through September).

Let’s discuss: What are your reasons for wanting to visit Walt Disney World.

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