Tips On Shopping For Sustainable Fashion

All of the fashionistas out there will be currently thinking about their looks for the springtime. This year we’re seeing plenty of ethereal white dresses, bold neon-tones, and an effortlessly casual ‘I just threw this on’ kinda vibe. Fashion is all about creativity and fun, yet we can’t forget about sustainability. To help you to create a more ethical wardrobe, try these five tips.


Sustainable shopping is much about quality purchases that actually last. We all love a bargain, but investing in cheaper garments often means you’ll end up creating more waste. Cheaper items also need to be replaced more often, so buying high-quality clothes is a worthy investment. This spring, the casual look continues to dominate the fashion scene, so when you’re choosing your comfy hoodies and light-wash jeans, remember to choose quality pieces that will last.


Tip two on the journey to a sustainable wardrobe is all about cross-seasonal garments. When you are choosing new items, prioritize those that you’ll use in more than one season. The neon fashion trend is going to be one of the big styles for spring 2020. When you’re shopping for your neon-dresses, look for something that you could easily team with tights and a chunky cardigan for those colder months. Sustainable fashion is all about getting the most use out of a garment as possible.


Shopping vintage is just about one of the most sustainable ways that you can shop. There are so many beautiful one-off pieces to be found in vintage shops; it’s just about taking the time to look. Vintage stores offer plenty of clothes in great condition at some nice prices. One of the best things about vintage is that you won’t see anyone else wearing quite the same outfit as you. For those who enjoy creating their own unique styles, vintage shopping is the way to go.


Organize your wardrobe and see if you can turn your old clothes into new looks. After this, donate any unwanted items to charity stores. You’ll be contributing to a good cause while ensuring that these unwanted clothes don’t go to waste. Decluttering is a great way to organize your wardrobe and make space for a few new spring garments. Shopping in charity stores is another excellent way to support sustainable shopping.


Last up, ensure that you choose to support ethical fashion brands. The more people who fund ethical brands, the likelihood is that other brands will follow suit in sustainable practices. With a little research before purchase, you can easily find out production processes, materials used, and company values.

Finally, look out for hemp clothing when shopping for your spring fashion looks. Hemp is a great sustainable option in terms of fabric. When the plant grows, it uses only a small amount of water, plus returns nutrients to the soil and consumes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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