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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ben Bridge Jeweler. All opinions are 100% mine.

Can I say how much I despise the term “blogger” or “mommy blogger”? Whenever anyone asks for my profession, besides being a retired military vet, I always say:

I’m a social media influencer 

So what exactly does that mean, and how does one become one? I’ll share my tips on how I became a social media influencer and how you can too, but first, let me go into a bit of detail on why I don’t honestly consider myself just a “blogger.”.

While I do own a blog, I do publish my content on various other forms of social media. You also don’t have to own a blog to be considered a social media influencer. There are many influencers out there who do not own a blog. You can be an influencer while only sharing your influence on YouTube or Instagram, for example. So get that term blogger out of your head. I’m not just a “blogger,” I’m a social media influencer! And what exactly does that mean?

A social media influencer collaborates with companies to bring awareness of their brand to their social audience, with the goal of driving sales. While it may not always happen, it’s what we do. So how can you become one? Here are three easy ways!

Do what you love!

One piece of advice that was given to me a very long time ago was to “find my niche,” and it’s still something that most would tell you. However, I’m here to tell you to do what you love! When you do what you love, it will come naturally and easily to you. However, on the flip side of that is finding your focus. While you may enjoy doing a bit of everything, there will always be something that stands out and that you love doing more than others. For example, you may love talking about life in general, but you may also love to cook. You can focus on recipes while incorporating other lifestyle posts on your channel.

Engage With Others Online

To become a social media influencer, you need to be seen. One of the best ways to be seen is to engage with other influencers across various platforms regularly. Visit other blogs and leave comments on their posts. Retweet your favorite tweets, and don’t just like Instagram and Facebook posts; comment on them as well. Sharing your knowledge across platforms can help you stand out.

Create a Level of Professionalism and Trust

As a social media influencer, your number one goal is to get your audience to trust you implicitly. This means creating a level of professionalism on your social media accounts so that your personal brand and chosen platform are trustworthy sources. You can achieve this in a number of ways, such as fact-checking your information before sharing anything online.

Similarly, you may also want to use a Google URL shortener to make your links more memorable. Social media users are becoming more and more wary of online scams, and long URLs aren’t always as presentable, reliable, and succinct. You may notice that you have more success and higher engagement levels when your links on social media are shortened. This is also useful for social media platforms that have character limits, so you can still share important links without having to share a long and complex URL with your followers.

Create valuable content consistently

Did you notice that I used the word consistently and not constantly? There is a difference between the two. Consistently means that you would put out your content frequently, while constantly means without interruption. I consistently write on my blog, but I also take a break every once in a while. Think about publishing at least 2-3 times a week if you can. The content I also create is lifestyle-focused posts that not only show the product I’m promoting in it’s best light but are also something that you can use. For example. Today’s post is all about how you can become a social media influencer, but I’m also partnering with Ben Bridge Jeweler to show you how I incorporate their jewelry in my everyday life.

Ben Bridge pieces are made of real metals built to last the test of time and become more perfect over time because of the meaning and stories behind the pieces. I love wearing jewelry because it makes me feel sophisticated. Since I’m such a big fan of purple, I chose this Ben Bridge Rhodolite garnet pendant with 1/4 carat total weight of diamonds, set in 14K rose gold. The piece is a statement piece, for sure, and my photo doesn’t do it any justice at all.

Their Toscano Rectangle Earrings are indeed a work of art and are so elegant that you may not want to ever take them off. So whether you’re a social media influencer or thinking of becoming one, with these simple tips, you can do it. And wear your Ben Bridge jewelry pieces anywhere for any moment of your life.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ben Bridge Jeweler. All opinions are 100% mine.
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