The Denim Shirt Dress

The denim shirt dress is currently my go to style and can be dressed up or down.

I’ve been trying to incorporate a bit more fashion into my blog, not just to show off my wardrobe, but more to get accustomed to being in-front of the camera. As you may have read, I have a boudoir photo shoot coming up pretty soon and while I’m normally the one behind the camera, for once I’ll be in-front of it. I’m a minimalist. I don’t like getting dressed up and my wardrobe consists of mostly tees and lots and lots of denim. So when I saw this denim shirt dress I just knew I had to have it. It is super comfortable and hides most of my love handles, as I like to call them.

With it being spring, I wanted something that would keep me cool without overheating. We can get temperatures in the high 70’s and since cotton tends to breathe well, this was a great choice. I paired mine with a pair of tights although it’s long enough to go without one. However, I thought that pairing it with tights was not only a good option based on my age, but for those who haven’t shaved as yet, it can hide the hairs on your legs until you do.

Now denim shirt dresses can be dressed up with a scarf to give them a pop of color and contrast and to give it a bit more shape, you can also use a small belt. Using a belt for me would totally show the fat around my stomach area, so I left it as it was.

This particular style I loved, because the sleeves rolled up with a button tab that kept it in place. So if the weather got a little cooler I could roll my sleeves down. I’m not a fan of sleeves that keeps rolling down so this was a bonus for me. I also loved that this dress came with side pockets. Now who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?

I also paired mine with a Kate Spade Cameron Street Satchel that I picked up last year and a pair of Tieks Feather Grey ballet flats. However, you can totally dress this up with a cute pair of heels. I also like minimal jewelry and paired it with a rose gold and silver charm bracelet and rose gold watch. Rose gold seems to be the rage right now and looks beautiful on everyone.

The denim shirt dress is very versatile and one I would suggest you have in your closet this spring, because it can take you all the way through fall.

Get the look!

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