Denim on Denim

You can totally kick butt in a denim on denim look, and a really cool charm bracelet from Soufeel.

Denim, the fabric of my life! Whenever you see me, I’m almost always in something denim. Whether it is a denim shirt dress, denim jacket or even denim pants, I’ll be in it. Since it’s spring, I have been thinking of adding a bit more color to my wardrobe, a bit more dresses and skirts, and do away with the denim look. However, that has yet to happen, but it will, gradually.

There is one rule to a denim on denim look, and it is possible to do a denim on denim look flawlessly, just be sure to contrast. I have seen quite a few people wearing the same denim color from top to bottom, not good! Contrast your colors, so wear a dark top with a light bottom or a light top with a dark bottom.

I have denim in quite a few colors but I tend to buy mostly dark colors for my bottoms. I have a 5yr old who doesn’t care too much whether her hands is dirty or clean, so she’ll touch me with her hands, and wearing something light will be sure to show up her tiny paw prints.

At 5’10 I also like my jeans to go all the way down to my ankles. It can be difficult to find jeans that fit me right, so I tend to stick with designer brands. True Religion, 7 for all Mankind and Joes Jeans are my favorite and I have a closet filled with them, but you can jeans at your local GAP or J.Crew. My advice is to go and try them on and make sure they fit right. Jeans run differently so “test” your jeans out in the store if you can.

Now while my jeans are almost always designer, I can totally spend $20 on a top if it looks cute enough. For me it’s easier for me to find tops that fit right compared to bottoms. For this look I paired my darker rinse jeans with a much lighter denim top.

To make your legs look longer than they are, I always recommend wearing as high a heel as you can. Although I’m 5’10, I wore a pair of 4″ heels and then topped it all off with a Marc Jacobs quilted cross-body and a pair of aviator sunglasses. You can never look too cool. (Just in case you’re wondering, they are the UGG Black Leather Calf Hair Peep Toe Platform Clog Heels and are no longer available.)

I once again kept my accessories at a minimum and only added a charm bracelet from Soufeel. Charm bracelets will always be style and they have quite a variety of charms to choose from without the expensive price tag. They make great gifts as well. Think Mother’s Day. And today all AnnMarie John readers get 10% off your order with coupon code SHS10.

Get the look!

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