Get Your Back to School Shopping Done at Kohl’s

Disclaimer: I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip. All opinions however of Kohls are totally my own. 

Back to School is fast approaching in our household and in approximately 6 days both of my brothers will be back in school. Not even an entire week. It seems like just yesterday they got out on vacation. While I am going to miss them it would be nice to have the house to myself finally. With mommy working unusual hours it can get tough doing back to school shopping and we generally take an entire weekend to get it done. So what’s a mom to do when running behind in back to school shopping and she’s at her wits end? Well that’s where Kohl’s come in. Kohl’s is your one stop shop for all your back to school needs. Did you know that? If you didn’t then I’m going to make it my business to tell you. Or at least I’m going to let Kyle my big brother tell you since he was the one doing the shopping. Kyle is 13 and is 5’6″ tall, weighs 125lbs and has very big feet. I’m talking adult size shoes. That means that he no longer fits into most of the children clothing sold at most of the children stores. So off to Kohl’s he went with mommy and left me at home.

Kyle here and today I get to take over Growing up Madison. Maybe I should rename it Grown Up Kyle since I’m almost grown up but not quite all the way. I expect to be at least 6’1″ and get that basketball scholarship that I’m aiming for.

Shopping at Kohls is always an experience and this time was no different. Well not much different I should say. Except for the Back to School signs posted throughout the store that is. The realization that school was going to be reopened in less than a week really sunk in. This is going to be my first year in High School and I want to make a good impression as a Freshman.

Kohls had a wide selection of clothing for both boys and girls, the little ones, big ones and tweens like me. They not only had clothing but also school supplies as well. I had no idea that Kohls sold stationery and backpacks. I’m not talking about your run of the mill backpacks or stationery either. I’m talking Jansports, Adidas, Crayola and even Mead. The brands that moms, dads and students have come to love and trust.

There is no one more picky than me when it comes to choosing my clothing. As a teenager I know what I want and it’s to look hip just like all the other kids. While my mother thinks she knows my style, she doesn’t quite come close. Kohl’s had just what I was looking for. Levis jeans and cargo shorts and the basic tees, your teen is going to be glad you took him/her to Kohl’s. Just remember to let them choose, after all they’re the ones who will be wearing it to school.

There is also an extensive shoe selection with some of your top designers that kids know and love. I’m talking Nike, Converse and even Adidas. Who kid doesn’t want to be seen in a brand new Nike shoes on the first day of school? I know I do. While you’re getting that brand new sneaker also be sure to check out the sock department and get the matching socks to go along with those shoes.

Now I was able to get most of my back to school needs which included 3 separate outfits, socks, underwear and stationery and it only cost mommy a little over $150. I just have to share my outfits with you. Check them out! Now if you want to see my underwear you’ll have to do my laundry.

So if you’re running behind on your back to school shopping get to Kohl’s and get it all done. Kohl’s is the one stop shop for all your back to school needs. Trust me I know, I was just there. There’s a big sale going on right now so I would get there in a hurry. Check their Store Locator and find your nearest one, and if you can’t make it in store you can always shop online. They make it so easy. Kohl’s certainly gets my BIG THUMBS UP!

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