Blending Food: Everything You Need To Know

Blenders are one of the essential appliances that are all too often overlooked. Having and correctly using a blender can spruce up your kitchen and provide you with healthy alternatives. Many people think of a smoothie when it comes to blenders, but they provide so much more. Blenders can also be used for juicing, chopping, and as a food processor.

A blender is only as useful as you make it, so this article provides everything that you need to know from setup to clean up to get the most out of your blender.


There are so many different types and brands of blenders on the market today. They come in all sorts of sizes and prices. There are some that have a specific juicing setting, some that have much more power behind them, and even ones that are quiet. Which one is the best? How do I know which one I need?

To answer these questions, you just need to look at what exactly you will be using the blender for. Broken down, there are basically two types of blenders, High performance and regular. The regular blenders have very basic functions and struggle with harder items like ice or nuts, but they are more affordable. The high-performance blenders let you blend nuts and harder pieces more efficiently, and you can also puree at much higher speeds. The good news is that if you are looking to blend on a budget, there are some tips that will help you blend those harder items with a regular blender.


The average blender can mix, stir, blend, and puree softer items, by reading the owner’s manual you can see if your blender is able to handle more or less. Blenders that can chop ice and nuts are designed to use more power and have stronger blades.

Blenders are great for processing cooked foods, blending soup, pie filling, custards, smoothies, milkshakes, batters, puddings, making lemonade, making fluffy eggs, salsas, and even dressings/dipping sauces. The possibilities can go on forever. It is not difficult at all to find new recipes or things that you can make with your blender for free on the internet.


One of the most common uses for blenders is to make smoothies. These are a delicious treat that can also be very nutritious depending on what you put in it, which is why many people like to make them. Here are some tips that will turn your smoothie into something that you crave every day:

– To make sure that the harder objects like nuts or ice get sufficiently pureed, it is important to add them first, next is the softer items like fruits/vegetables, then you can add your powder ingredients such as protein powder, and last is the liquid. You may need to test your blender out, and if the nuts aren’t thoroughly pureeing, then you should add them along with just a little liquid, then run the blender with only those ingredients first until they are sufficiently chopped. Then add the rest of the ingredients.

– Keep in mind that as the blender is running the ingredients will expand up the sides, so don’t fill it too full, also never run the blender without the lid on!

– Always consider colors when you are making a smoothie. The colors will blend together as well, so keep the visual appeal in mind as you are mixing ingredients.

– One tip for using nuts with a regular blender is to soak the nuts in water before blending. It is best if you let them soak for anywhere between 2 hours and a day.

– Lastly, it is important to consume your smoothie right after making it for the best taste. Once the fruits and vegetables are chopped up, they react much more quickly with the oxygen in the air which causes them to deteriorate and oxidize.


Once you have successfully used your blender, the last thing you need to do is a proper cleanup. Most blenders will allow you to take the container and blades apart, making it easier to wash with some soap or throw in a dishwasher. Just be careful not to cut yourself on the blade, and never immerse the base in water.

Now that you know the basics of blending food, you can go out there and be creative with it. Try new things, and build on this knowledge. The blender can be one of the most helpful tools in your kitchen if you know how to use it right!

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