How To Air Travel with your Toddler – Throwback Thursday

I completed my ultimate blog challenge which was to post everyday for an entire month in July. It was challenging but I did it. I didn’t think that I could do it but I was able to. Now it’s the beginning of August and it’s Thursday which brings us to my Throwback Thursday. It’s that day when I once again post a photo of me and tell you a little bit about what was happening when that photo was taken. So without further ado…

This picture I’m sharing with you is one from my travels. This was taken in November of 2012 when I was 9 months old. We were heading to the Caribbean for a very sad occasion, the funeral of my grandpa, but we got to stay in Puerto Rico overnight and our hotel room had the most beautiful view of the ocean, but I digress.

Today I want to share with you some tips when traveling with your toddler. I wasn’t a toddler when I made my first trip to the Caribbean. I was actually only 3 months old but with a few variations the tips can be used as well. 

Whether you’re traveling by air, sea or ground you need to be prepared but today we are going to focus on air travel.

This is by far our most important tip. Pack your diaper bag the way you would pack if you’re going out for an entire day or preferably two. Bring extra change of clothing, enough diapers, formula, food in case of a flight delay. Also pack a few toys as well. Something to keep your toddler entertained during a long flight or a delay of your flight will surely come in handy. You do not want to be that mom buying diapers at the airport. They are just as expensive as the airport and airline food. You do not want to spend an extra $20 on diapers that would normally cost you $10. 

Airplanes are usually cold. The higher in altitude we go the colder it becomes. Walk with a blanket to keep us warm. You may want to walk with one for yourself as well. Unless you’re traveling first class there might not be a provided blanket for you by your airline. 

You may be tempted to buy that seat but babies under the age of 2 usually fly for free so save that money for souvenirs and hold your toddler in your lap. They will feel safer and secure in your arms. You know how you adults don’t like air turbulence, neither do we so the comfort and security that you provide holding us will surely make us feel a lot better. 

Have a few drinks nearby. Not only will your toddler have them when needed but its highly suggested that you have your toddler drink or chew on something during take off and landing to prevent ear pain. Ear plugs are also highly recommended. Those engines are very loud and our little ears are very fragile. No hearing damage for us please. 

If you’re using a stroller be prepared to have it inspected to pass through the security check. Also some strollers may not be able to go on the plane so be prepared also to have it checked in with your luggage. Mommy suggests that you use an umbrella stroller if you must have one or a baby carrier such as a BabyBjörn Baby Carrier or another carrier of your choice. This not only keeps you hands free and gives you an extra pair of hands but now you won’t have to worry about that stroller. 

Unless you’re traveling with other members of the family might I suggest getting an aisle seat if taking a long flight. We know you want to look out the window and see everything that’s going on but we may need quite a few pamper changes and I don’t think the lady sitting next to us might like us making her stand every hour so you can take us to the bathroom.

Well I’ve shared a few tips with you and mommy and I will be using them as well on our trip next summer to the UK. I can’t wait to share that trip with you as well. As always…. ♥ Madison.

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