World of Warcraft: The Most Controversial Heroes Of The Universe

When it comes to video games, the World of Warcraft is full of a variety of characters, and among them are necessarily those that players openly dislike. Some of them are notorious villains who, in principle, cannot cause any warm feelings, and some commit acts that can be interpreted in two ways. As a result, all players are divided into two camps – some openly sympathize with the character, while others are ready to burn it on the spot. We will talk about these contradictory figures today.

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Many players hate Thrall, and that can be understood. Before the Cataclysm, Thrall was liked by everyone, but some held a grudge against him because he sympathized with the Alliance and was too soft and humane for the leader – he carried out reforms and negotiated endlessly to maintain peace instead of responding to opponents with brute force. This policy was contrary to the behavior of the former leaders, who swung axes left and right to achieve their goals. 

With the onset of the Cataclysm, Thrall took off the mantle of leader and handed over the board to Garrosh, who was not ready for this. The situation gave rise to several problems, but Thrall did not think to stay close to his successor to teach him anything. Instead, the former leader went to Maelstrom to chat with the elements and visited all sorts of dragons to establish relations between them.

At some point, he even took the place of Neltharion among the Aspects and helped to conduct a ritual with Dragon Soul, and then fell under the spell of Fandral Staghelm, but managed to collect his soul piece by piece. Watching this story, the players called Thrall too soft and then went to write angry posts on the forums, saying that the creators had spoiled such a good character. 


Malkorok was Garrosh’s chief advisor and was superior to Chief Kor’kron in temper and cruelty. He considered the Orcs to be a superior race, so all the “outsiders” who spoke to him without due respect risked their lives. On the orders of Malkorok Kor’kron, the warriors abducted, beat, tortured, and even killed representatives of other races, starting with ordinary merchants from Orgrimmar and ending with the leaders of the Horde.

For example, Malkorok has repeatedly threatened Bain Bloodhoof. Before Vol’jin raised the Darkspear tribe trolls to revolt, Bain was the only one who openly condemned Garrosh’s policies and strategic decisions – in particular, the bombing of Theramore. That is why Malkorok humiliated the young Tauren and once even challenged him to a duel for insulting the leader, even though Bain only voiced the obvious facts. The duel never took place – Bain decided that there was no benefit for the Horde in it, but at the same time continued to put pressure on Garrosh. 

Driven to frenzy, Malkorok repeatedly tried to provoke the audacious Tauren into a fight, but, fortunately, Bain has always been famous for his ability to control himself and did not succumb to provocations. 

The fate of other Garrosh critics was much sadder. For example, one day Malkorok heard that Frandis Farley and Kelantir Bloodblade, who commanded the undead and blood elves during the attack on Theramore, spoke negatively about the leader. And what did the loyal Lieutenant Garrosh do? That’s right, he ambushed them in Razor Hill and burned them along with a local tavern and a dozen other soldiers.

Otmar Garithos

If Garrosh, who exiled all the Orgrimmar trolls to the reservation, doesn’t seem like a bad enough leader to you, listen to the story about Garithos. This character is rightfully considered the biggest bastard in Azeroth. His story is revealed for the most part in Warcraft 3. 

Garithos was one of the few military leaders who survived in Lordaeron after the raid of Arthas and his Scourge. The races that concluded peace treaties with the Alliance offered Garithos their support because, in their eyes, he became almost the only representative of the law. Among Garithos’ allies were Prince Kael’thas and his blood elves, whose house was also destroyed by the undead. Despite the support, Garithos hated all the allies who did not belong to the human race and considered them worthless, but he was still forced to accept their help. 

After discovering that Scourge was attacking Lordaeron from two sides at once, Garithos sent the blood elves led by Kael’thas to the west and ordered all the other warriors commanded by Kael’thas at that time to fight on the front line. Garithos wanted the elves to die defending the western lands, but this plan was not destined to come true, because Lady Vashj came to the aid of Kael’thas along with her nagas.

Upon learning that the elves had formed an alliance with the Nagas behind his back, Garithos became enraged and sentenced the traitors to death. By the way, if not for this act, the blood elves would most likely have joined the Alliance. Fortunately, the prisoners escaped execution with the help of nagas, and Garithos not only weakened his army but also provoked tons of hatred from the World of Warcraft players.

In Conclusion

In addition to these heroes, there are many more characters who have both fans and haters, and you could list them for a very long time. Your best bet is to meet each of these characters yourself in World of Warcraft. Moreover, the latest add-on Dragonflight, has recently been released and has a high rating of 8.0 on IMDb.

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