Ways To Make Your Home Look and Feel More Luxurious

Are you looking to give your home a luxurious makeover? Instantly transform your space and add some sophistication with these easy and budget-friendly ideas.

Many of us aspire to get that magazine-worthy look in our homes. After all, no one says our homes should only be functional for day-to-day living. If you feel like your home could use some luxurious touches with a bit of that je ne sais quoi but aren’t exactly sure what to do or how to do it, read on. Below are six amazing ways to make your home look and feel more luxurious, from the bottom to the top.

Ways To Make Your Home Look and Feel More Luxurious

Upgrade to underfloor heating

If there’s one thing that can add a dose of luxury and opulence to your home in an instant, it has to be underfloor heating. A cozy, comfortable temperature in a home creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, setting the tone for everything else. It’s no wonder that it’s become particularly popular among millennial home buyers – it is both energy-efficient and convenient.

Underfloor heating also eliminates the need for radiators, which tend to take up a lot of physical space. By getting rid of these obstructions, you can free up precious space and enjoy more freedom when it comes to experimenting with furniture arrangements.

Professional installation is a must, and different types of underfloor heating may require slightly different procedures. So, if you are considering making the switch to this modern heating solution, make sure to learn more about in floor heating and the various available options. But whether it’s water-based or electric, the result is always the same: warmth and comfort underfoot.

Bring your flooring up-to-date

While it’s not changed as often, eventually the time comes to replace your flooring. Tired and outdated, lackluster flooring can cheapen your home and make it feel out of date. If yours is starting to show a lot of wear and tear, consider looking up some local hardwood floor installation services to make the much-needed update.

Go for hardwood specifically, as it offers that high-end look without lacking variety. Since the wood holds the warmth, it’ll also work well with an underfloor heating system. On the plus side, hardwood flooring is easier to maintain and clean, and it also exudes timeless elegance. Need we say more?

Layer up the textiles

Once you’ve laid the foundation with updated heating and flooring, it’s time to ground everything with soft and cozy textiles. Start from the bottom, introducing area rugs to help bring all the elements together. Go for larger ones for a more luxurious feel, and use them to divide bigger spaces into “zones”.

Add luxe-feeling materials by introducing leather chairs and poufs, faux fur and sheepskin throws, along with linen bed sheets. Dial up the drama with a textured wallpaper and dress your windows with some velvet or sheer curtains.

Pro tip: hang them high above the window frame to fool the eye and create that luxe-looking high ceiling effect.

Breathe life into your space with plants

Injecting some green beauty into a space is not only easy but also very effective. In fact, decorating with plants is one of the oldest tricks in the book for creating luxe spaces. Not only do they liven up a neutral color palette, which seems to dominate luxury homes, but they also breathe life into spaces (literally!). Clear the air with bamboo palm, weeping fig, and similar gorgeous air-purifying species.

To add dimension to your space, introduce some hanging or tall plants. These can be anything from a parlor palm and yucca to pathos and strings of pearls. Use them as strategic decorative elements, and watch as your home gets that luxe, designer feel.

Level up your lighting design

Making sure that your lighting design corresponds with your living space is a must when creating elegant, opulent-looking spaces. A carefully curated lighting scheme can make all the difference, so make sure that you introduce your lighting in layers.

Light up your rooms, starting with ambient lighting. Add overhead lighting, but aim to maximize natural light. Bring in a floor lamp and a fixture in each of the rooms, too – these will serve as task lighting and make dealing with everyday tasks easier, whether we’re talking about cooking or reading. Finally, adorn your walls with several sconces as well. They’ll pair beautifully with carefully selected wall art while also drawing the eye to a particular focal point.

Light up some scented candles

A luxurious-looking home appeals to all the senses, so feel free to light up a candle or two. Not only do they smell delicious, but they also give a warm welcome whenever you enter the room. What’s more, they also serve as a great alternative to artificial lighting when the sun goes down, creating that inviting, intimate atmosphere.

Treat yourself and your home to some sweet-smelling scents, add warmth with some wooden notes, or freshen things up with some fancy fragrance. Paired with a tastefully curated playlist, candles can help you create a perfect evening retreat, serving as a sweet escape from the outside world.

In Conclusion

Taking your home to the next level design-wise doesn’t always require the help of a professional. With these tips in mind, anyone can create an elegant-looking, opulence-oozing oasis they’ll love coming home to.

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