How to Add A Touch of Luxury to Your Living Room πŸ›‹

There is no need to explain it, but the living room is the pivotal point in the entire house. It’s a place where the family gathers, where you welcome guests or where you relax and enjoy. So it is of utmost importance to upscale it and make it comfortable. You don’t have to break a bank or spend hours in revamping it, just add few extravagant details that will ultimately reshape it. Here are some ideas to posh up your living room and make it look like a million bucks.


If you strive for that “whoa” feeling when you enter the room, then you should start off with altering the wall colors. Pastel colors are not only a trend this year, but they awaken that relaxing and comforting feeling in the living room. A light color scheme like peach and beige will add that luxurious touch, and completely open up the ambient. You can even use a golden, silver or patterned wallpaper to contrast the wall colors. Another idea is to get a contrasting opulent rug which would surely enliven the entire living room. Just pay attention that you get hand-knotted cotton rug which is easy to clean and if the little ones wish to crawl.


To get that luxurious look in your living room, there are some little, but edgy, things that you can do. First, change the old and dated chandelier. Add a robust assortment of lighting. Place cutting-edge lamps in the different parts of the room. Next, try hanging fine art. Even if you are not a big fan or a collector, you can still find some affordable and handmade art that can nicely blend in with the furniture. You can even place one-piece art that can function as a stand-alone decoration, such as tall white marble vase, or an antique bronze mirror.


In the old days, wealthy people were recognized by living in big houses with tall windows. By changing the curtains, you would surely make a difference. You can place the posh and decorative swag curtains, which come in various colors, and by doing so, you can also conceal the fixtures. Then, there are the sophisticated roman shades, which not only provide you with shade but deliver elegance. Let’s not rule out the pinch pleat curtains that are the best example of the classic beauty and which can easily blend with any style. By revitalizing your windows and adding cosmopolitan fabrics to the classic-styled curtains, you would bring in a renaissance luxury in your living room.


If you haven’t thought about replacing the furniture, then think again. You will surely get that luxurious touch if you change your boring sofa with, at least, one statement furniture. Start by deciding on the color. Sand colors and their gradients are considered most luxurious. Adding emerald green bespoke sofa would definitely bring out the sophistication out of the room. However, if you don’t want to change the furniture completely, you can get a couple of fancy poufs to accent the space. What is more, you can add insanely comfy Papasan chair, or bring out the colorful and funky pillows to add texture and warmth.


Even though plain and timid colors can be soothing and relaxing, they won’t deliver the perfect sensuous atmosphere in your living room. Not everything has to be matchy-matchy. Contrast the couch and sofas to make things interesting. Place ornaments in different material like adding paper pendant light and matching it with brass coffee table and sconces. Next, if you already have wooden furniture dominating the living room, the most stylish contrast would be adding bold pinks, oranges, and blues accessories in the room. Another glam idea is to contrast upholstery and play with fabrics. Leather and suede come in a range of colors, and if you blend them with neutral gray wall colors, you will undoubtedly have a perfect living room.


Specific details can amp up the glamour. You can easily add instant luster to your living room by adding golden or metallic coffee tables or placing a metallic pillow. Pillows and throws add a sense of luxury and comfort in a second. The same is with adding lush greenery such as magnificent dragon tree that will open up space. The similar effect will be achieved if you fill your shelves with various books, LP records and beautifully framed photos that can extravagantly vitalize the room. A fabric ottoman is a glitz detail that also adds warmth and sophistication to the room, and if you place a golden try with white candles, you will have a winning match.

Just by swamping up the fabrics, placing greeneries, adding small and inexpensive ornaments you will achieve that luxurious effect in your living room. You can design your luxurious living room with simplicity and still get grandeur results.

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