7 Ways to Spot and Book a Great Rental Vacation

Are you considering taking some time off and organizing an amazing trip somewhere? If so, as D-day comes closer, you’ll realize that there are many things you have to consider while planning your vacation. Surely, you wish to plan the perfect trip, somewhere fantastic and for a fair price. The secret to doing so is by spotting and booking the best rental vacation property. Choosing the right rental property is crucial as your accommodation can make or break your experience!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re deciding to go for two weeks, a weekend break, or an extended vacation; where you stay makes all the difference. Booking cabins and hotels has become quite easy through the internet. However, sometimes, so many options might make you feel overwhelmed. And with more individuals opting for rental properties, how do you steal the hidden gem? A clear checklist of what you need can help you select the best rental vacation.

Take a look at these useful tips to help you select a great rental vacation.

Pay Attention To The Location

Vacationing is all about location. If you don’t exactly know where your rental property is in the city, your entire trip might not be as great as you imagined. Hence, instead of trusting the property’s description blindly, do your research. Perhaps they might say, ‘The Eiffel Tower is easy to reach from our property.’ However, the rental property owner might mean you can ‘easily’ walk to the metro 20 minutes away and take a ride to the attraction.

Hence, if you’ve shortlisted a property, don’t forget to look at the map’s location. For instance, if you’re deciding to visit Pigeon Forge, make sure you choose cabins in Pigeon Forge near the attractions you wish to visit. Also, check where the closest bus stop or metro is situated or whether there are restaurants and cafes in the surrounding lanes.

Know What Is Most Important To You

Have you planned on relaxing around the house or being out and about? Are there any children with you? Do you prefer business-like rooms, old-fashioned décor, or a modern interior? How important is that mountain view? Knowing what you want helps you look for the right rental without spending too much. So, before looking for any accommodation, make a list of the things that are most important to you. Break it down simply by first thinking about what you want regarding price, property services, and location.

From there, branch out to other things like environmental practices, the history of the rental, and the personality of the place, like a “party vibe” or a “romantic atmosphere.” Once you have a basic idea of what you want, search for different rental properties and decide whether or not they fit according to your list.

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Read Reviews

Dig around a bit. Reviews are a great sign of the property’s quality as they’re written by previous customers rather than the owner trying to sell the vacation rental. A great vacation rental company will get reviews written by guests to go with the property description. Generally, a property gives you details about the venue. However, reviews will give you more details  about guests’ experiences, the community, and staff.

Besides reading guests’ reviews, pay attention to the date of reviews because old feedback might not help you a lot. The particular vacation rental property might have changed a lot during the period, be it negatively or positively, giving you wrong information. Moreover, if the property you wish to stay at doesn’t have any reviews, it doesn’t certainly mean it’s not a great property. Perhaps it’s a new addition, and many people haven’t rented it yet. In such cases, consider getting in touch with the owner to have more information and ask for videos to better gauge its state.

Check The Facilities & Services

Not every vacation rental is suitable for all travelers. Each provides a unique list of services and facilities. The list of facilities included in the cost ensures you have everything you need. For example, does the rental property you’re considering provide toilet paper and towels, or do you have to carry your own? Does the property have a well-equipped kitchen if you decide to cook your meals? Remember to clear out any must-haves with the owner to avoid miscommunication during your trip.

Moreover, ensuring you know what you’re getting prevents any nasty surprises. For instance, some websites might list services like breakfast without a price. This doesn’t always mean it’s free. Sometimes the rental might advertise that they have parking, but in reality, it’s a third-party garage, making it vital to check the amenities beforehand.

Look At The Description

The description can be quite helpful in terms of both what it says and what it doesn’t. Unfortunately, many owners might attempt to sugarcoat their rentals, not to mention the cons that are evident once you see the property in person. An ideal property description is balanced, outlining both pros and potential cons. Remember to avoid rental properties with descriptions that use a lot of exclamation points or highlight more of the activities than the property.

Use A Trusted Platform

Imagine this: you almost get to the city and get a notification that your host canceled at the last minute or that the rental property’s owner declined your request. It sounds nothing less than a nightmare, right? There are a lot of vacation rental sites, but only some with a solid track record. Prevent vacation rental scams by choosing trusted booking sites. Make sure you choose a trusted platform with a long history of owners and property managers.

You can get excellent support and the best deals by using reliable websites like:

  • Hotels.com
  • Booking.com
  • Airbnb

Consider The Neighborhood

To choose the best rental property, aspects like the property’s neighborhood are worth looking at. Is the neighborhood safe? Do you have access to parking? Are there any busy clubs that might bother you at night? Are you looking for a view but the rental is surrounded by buildings? Knowing a little about the neighborhood is crucial to selecting the best rental property. In addition, make sure you know where the local restaurants and grocery stores are before finalizing a property.

In Conclusion

Picking the perfect rental property for your trip can be a challenge. However, with the tips mentioned above, you can book the perfect place for your trip that fits your needs, making your vacation memorable.

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