7 Ways to Encourage Your Baby’s First Step

Is your baby starting to climb the stairs or their bed? This may be the right time to practice their walking skills. To ensure that your baby will be at their best balance and foot strength, we will give you some of the most effective do’s and don’ts that will surely encourage them to walk.

Top Tips to Encourage Walking

Following some of these guidelines can help you kickstart your goals of encouraging your little ones. Here are some of the best tips to follow so you can encourage your baby’s first steps:

Pick Up The Right Footwear

Just like in adults, choosing the perfect footwear is the best way to start. Once you have picked the proper footwear, it will be easier for your baby to take the first step. The trick is finding the right kids sandals, shoes, or slippers. When picking the proper footwear, it is not just all about the size. You should also consider the comfort, the floor of their walking space, and, of course, the style. These aspects should help you identify the proper footwear that your baby will surely love.

Give Them Time To Practice

All crafts need the right amount of practice to reach perfection. You should give your baby enough time to practice their first steps. It includes making it part of their day-to-day routine, joining them in this activity, or giving them the freedom to roam around the house. For instance, if you are busy cleaning the living room or cooking in the kitchen, you can let them crawl around the house and discover their walking skills on their own.

Explore The Outdoors

While it is ideal for babies to practice their walking inside the comforts of your home, letting them walk outdoors can encourage them as well. Babies are always fascinated by seeing new things and discovering new experiences. Taking them to the park or the nearest area may trigger their interest in getting up and walking. Moreover, they will also get to meet potential new friends who can inspire them to walk and play. Through this, you are not only encouraging them to walk but also exposing them to social interactions.

Rest Before Walking

Even adults need to be in tip-top shape before they can finish a task successfully. Making sure that they are properly rested and have had a good sleep is one of the best ways to encourage them to walk. If your baby is hungry or did not sleep well, there is a high chance that he or she will be cranky and in a bad mood. To ensure that your baby will be focused, let them rest well before walking.

Hold Their Hands At All Times

Encouraging comes with proper guidance. Of course, the first few steps of your baby will be shaky and unbalanced. They must feel your care and support, literally. At all times, especially in the first parts, make sure to always hold their hands. Nothing is more comforting and encouraging for your little ones than feeling their mommies’ or daddies’ warm touch as they take the first step on their life journey.

Learning To Be Independent

Guiding your baby to walk also has limits. While you want to make sure that they are properly guided when walking, it’s also important that you give them space for independence. As mentioned above, if you give them time to practice, you should also let them discover new experiences and learn new things on their own. For example, have them play or crawl in the living room beside the sofa or couch. Through this, they can practice lifting themselves and start walking.

Prize At The Finish Line

Every good job is an inspiration to move further forward. Always make it a practice to give your little ones a prize once they have taken a few steps. For example, you can lure them with a few toys at the end and set it up like a finish line. In that way, you are not only encouraging them on how to walk but you’re also giving them a goal to achieve.

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What Not To Do?

Walking may not be a dangerous activity for an adult, but it’s a safety hazard for babies. To help you ensure the safety and wellness of your babies, here are some pointers on what not to do when you’re practicing them how to walk:

Going To Unsafe Areas

It may be advisable to go outdoors for a change of scenery, but you should not go to any unsafe areas. Avoid walking on the pavement or near the streets as there could be a lot of untoward accidents that can happen. It is recommended to only go to kid-friendly places where there will be safety hazards in place.

Use Infant Walkers

It is a common misconception that using walkers will help your baby learn how to walk. Contrary to that belief, walkers are merely providing support so they will not fall. It is no different when you’re carrying them. It may strengthen their legs, but it is not doing any good for their balance, which is a huge aspect of walking.

Forcing Them To Walk

Unwillingness to do anything will not achieve something. If you notice that your baby is not up for walking or is not in the mood to do so, don’t make them do it. Instead, think of another activity to put them in a good mood. It may be good to stick to your schedule, but they will learn more if they are willing to do it.

Help Your Babies Take Their First Step

It’s time to help your babies take their first steps! With the do’s and don’ts above, you’ll surely encourage your baby to learn how to walk in no time. Just don’t forget, it will all start by choosing the right kids’ sandals, shoes, or slippers!

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