Benefits of Your Child Going Barefoot

In today’s society, it’s frowned upon for children to run around barefoot. However, years ago, most children and even some adults would go barefoot, especially at home. Although you might have grown up with the notion that children should wear shoes when playing outside, I want you to set aside this belief for a few moments. There are actually many benefits associated with going barefoot outside. Letting your child run around barefoot can help improve balance and strength, as well as reduce stress. Here are a few benefits you should know for letting your child go barefoot.

Benefits of Going Barefoot

Better Balance

One of the best benefits of letting your child go barefoot has to do with having better balance. When your child runs around barefoot, they can feel the ground, including where the ground is uneven. When your child wears shoes, this awareness of the ground disappears since they can only feel the flat inside of their shoes. Since your child is more aware of the ground, their balance will become better.

Healthier Feet

Going barefoot can also make your child’s feet healthier. Walking around in the grass and gravel can actually stimulate the circulation in your child’s feet. Better circulation helps to promote better health in your child’s feet, and of course, you want your child to be healthy!

Stronger Feet

In addition to giving your child better balance and healthier feet, letting your child go barefoot can also help your child develop stronger feet. Since your child is walking on uneven surfaces and is using different parts of their feet to walk and run, each of the different muscles in the feet are being worked harder. This develops stronger muscles, which is great for activities such as sports, running and biking.

Connect to Nature

Don’t forget that going barefoot helps your child connect to nature. There’s nothing like feeling blades of grass or grains of sand filter between your toes as you walk along. This is true for your child. This will help your child to connect to nature and to feel more at home outside. This connection to nature can be soothing, actually helping your child reduce stress levels.

Letting your child go barefoot is a wonderful way for your child to be more active and to reduce stress levels. If you’re worried about germs or dirt, you can always make your child wash their feet before they come inside.

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