Top Easy Cookies You Can Bake With Your Kids


Get your kids excited about baking with these easy cookie recipes that require minimal ingredients and preparation! Make delicious memories in the kitchen today.

Top Easy Cookies You Can Bake With Your Kids

Do you remember the fresh smell of holiday cookies from your childhood? It’s time to pass on tradition and encourage children to take their first cooking steps. Baking together is one of the greatest and most popular ways of spending time and bonding with your family. Many recipes have been passed on from one generation to another. You have an excellent opportunity to enliven some of them and teach your children how to bake delicious snacks.

If you’re taking your kids to the kitchen for the first time, do not focus on perfection; focus on learning through the entertainment process. The recipes shouldn’t be complicated, so you can all easily follow the steps and simply have fun. Below, you can find easy recipes for cookies you can bake with your kids.

Top Easy Cookies You Can Bake With Your Kids


Let’s start with the classic recipe that every mom knows by heart.

One thing that’s essential and sometimes underestimated is the quality of cacao. Chocolate chips have the greatest impact on the cookies’ taste. Make sure to pick a good one. If you are one of these families that bakes a lot, you might save a lot by buying wholesale chocolate.


Also called French hearts, pig ears, or elephant ears. They may look a bit complicated, but in fact, they are just puff pastry and sugar. It’s a great option for cinnamon lovers, though. What’s more, shaping the ‘ear’ will be a really creative activity for your children. It’s fun; it’s fancy; it’s tasty; it’s French primaries!


Everyone who is obsessed with peanut butter as much as me, will understand that these cookies are the real must-have snacks in every house. They’re really simple to bake, contain less flavor and sugar and have this unique taste. A secret tip to make them better – melt the butter in a saucepan till it’s brownish and smells nutty.

If you want to play a little with fun recipes and create artistic shapes of cookies, this option is great for you. Cookie monster is the most recognizable snack these days. It’s really simple to make but requires accuracy when decorating. It will make a great challenge for your children.

Top Easy Cookies You Can Bake With Your Kids


Simplicity is always good. If your kids have allergies or digesting problems, easy to make lemon biscuits are the key to success. The basic recipe allows you to put some extra ingredients, depending on what your children like. It’s also a lot of fun with shaping. You can make lemon fingers, rolls, little teddy bears, and more.


If your kids are fans of sweet and salty combinations, pretzel cookies will definitely satisfy them. Moreover, it’s super easy to make. There is no need to wait for hours to chill before baking; you don’t need the mixer as well.


Healthy snacks can be tasty too! Sweet potato cookies are a great replacement for sugary snacks. All you need is boiled sweet potatoes, oats, and lots of seasonal species like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, or ginger. Teach your kids good habits and enjoy baking and enjoy healthy cookies.


If you never tried it, you are really missing out! Gooey S’ mores bars are a little piece of heaven with their taste. The graham, crunchy crackers make a great match with melted marshmallows and chocolate chips. I can guarantee you; your children will love these snacks.

Top Easy Cookies You Can Bake With Your Kids


If your diet is vegan-based, there are many recipe alternatives for you. Let’s talk about the basic chocolate chip cookies. Instead of normal butter, you can add coconut oil. If you’re not a fan of this specific taste, you can easily get yourself tasteless refined oil. Vegan chocolate is easy to get in the supermarket. It’s easy, plant-based, and for sure will make your children satisfied.


No gluten? No problem! With the growing popularity of a gluten-free diet, people created many snack recipes that will meet your and your kids’ expectations. Carrot cake cookies, pepper macarons, peanut butter choc chip cookies? You can make it all excipient free and gluten-free.


Baking doesn’t always have to be associated with vast amounts of sugar and sweets. There are many recipes for both tasty and healthy cookies. Oat snacks are really easy to make and can be sweetened with honey, unsweetened applesauce, or stevia. You can also sneak other ingredients like linseeds, sesame, or coconut flakes.

Top Easy Cookies You Can Bake With Your Kids

The bottom line

Cookies are a great idea to teach your kids the base of baking. I hope you will find this little cookie guide useful. The recipes are easy to follow and modify. No one says you need to stick to the ingredients you have on your list. Remember, baking is fun and totally open for new experiments. Maybe it’s actually a good time to make up your own recipe? Good luck!


Easy Cookies to Bake With Kids
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