Why Experiences Makes the Best Gifts

It’s no secret that experiences make the best gifts. After all, who doesn’t want to receive an experience as a gift? With the holidays fast approaching, I want to share with you why experiences make the best gifts, some tips on how to save money while planning them, and also some experience ideas.

I’ve talked a lot about why I prefer giving experiences over gifts on my website, but when I’m stuck with my older kids, cash makes the best gifts because it can be challenging to know what they’d like. I’ve even shared some of the best experiences you can give as presents and some of the most epic experiences you can gift as well.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, gifting your kid’s toys and electronics for the holidays is great, but how many of you can truly remember the toy you got at age 10? A friend and I were recently chatting about gifts as her daughter is turning 11 and she couldn’t figure out what to give her. I shared that for Madison’s 10th birthday, we decided on spending it in NYC (although it was winter) and took her ice skating at Bryant Park, along with all the other fun activities we did in NYC in winter.

As a parent who believes in the 3-gift Christmas rule, I’m all about meaningful gifting. For example, for my son’s 16th birthday, we decided to spend 2 1/2 weeks in Europe, visiting Munich and Berlin, Germany, and Salzburg, Austria. It’s an experience that he will never forget and talks about it to this day. It’s an experience that he will talk about with his kids, and it truly brought us closer together. But not everyone can afford to take almost 3 weeks off to travel, and not many can afford to travel either.

Why Experiences Makes the Best Gifts

Why Experiences Makes the Best Gifts

If you’re still on the fence as to why experiences make the best gifts, here are a few reasons why experiences make the best gifts for the holidays or whatever special occasion you have coming up.

1. Experiences are unique and personal

When you give someone an experience as a gift, it’s unique and personal to them. It’s a great way to show your kids that you care about their interests and what they enjoy doing. It’s something that they can’t get anywhere else and it’s something that they’ll remember forever.

2. Experiences are lasting

Unlike material possessions, experiences last forever. They’re memorable and last a lifetime. They’re memories that you can look back on and reflect on for years to come. And even though material possessions can last a long time, they eventually break or go out of style.

3. Experiences are shared

One of the best things about experiences is that they can be shared with others. When you give someone an experience as a gift, they can share it with their family and friends. And not only that, but they can also share it with you!

4. Experiences are flexible

Another great thing about experiences is that they’re flexible. They can be tailored to the person you’re giving them to, and they can be adjusted to fit any budget. You can make it as unique as you want and cater it to their personality and what they love.

5. Experiences are simple

When it comes to gifting, sometimes less is more. And with experiences, that’s definitely the case. With an experience, there’s no need to worry about wrapping or shipping. All you need to do is purchase the experience and you’re good to go! Experiences are usually less expensive than buying a physical gift, so you can save some money while still giving a great gift.

6. Experiences are unique

As I mentioned before, experiences are unique and personal. But they’re also unique in the sense that they’re one-of-a-kind. You can’t find an experience like that anywhere else. You can be creative with experiences and come up with something that nobody else has thought of.

7. Experiences are memorable

One of the best things about experiences is that they’re memorable. They stick with you for a lifetime, and you can always look back on them fondly. Even if you don’t have pictures or a physical object to remember it by, the experience itself is enough.

8. Experiences are emotional

Unlike material possessions, experiences evoke emotion. They make you feel happy, sad, excited, or any other number of emotions. And those emotions are what make experiences so special. Experiences have a way of connecting people. They bring people together and create bonds that last a lifetime.

9. Experiences are affordable

Even though some experiences can be pricey, there are plenty of affordable options out there. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a great gift. There are plenty of inexpensive experiences that are sure to please anyone on your list. Experiences are usually less expensive than buying a physical gift, so you can save some money while still giving a great gift.

10. Experiences are the best gifts because they’re experiences!

At the end of the day, experiences are the best gifts because they’re experiences. They’re something that you can’t get anywhere else and they’re something that you’ll remember forever. So if you’re looking for a gift that’s truly special, an experience is the way to go.

Why Experiences Makes the Best Gifts

How to Save Money While Planning An Experience Gift

If you’re looking to save money while planning an experience gift, there are a few things you can do.

1. Plan ahead

One of the best ways to save money is to plan ahead. If you know you have a special occasion coming up, start planning for it in advance. That way, you’ll have time to find deals and discounts.

2. Compare prices

When you’re looking for an experience gift, it’s important to compare prices. There are many different vendors out there and they all have different prices. By comparing prices, you’ll be able to find the best deal possible.

3. Look for deals and discounts

Another great way to save money is to look for deals and discounts. Many vendors offer discounts for certain times of the year or for certain groups of people. And if you’re planning ahead, you’ll be able to take advantage of those deals and discounts.

4. Be creative

There are many ways to give an experience gift without spending a lot of money. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of creativity. There are plenty of free or low-cost experiences out there, you just have to find them!

5. Do your research

Before you buy an experience gift, it’s important to do your research. Make sure you know what the person you’re giving it to likes and make sure you know what’s included in the experience. That way, you can be sure that the gift is something that they’ll enjoy and that you’re getting your money’s worth.

75 Experiences That Make Great Gifts

These experience gift ideas are perfect for anyone on your list!

  1. A cooking class
  1. A wine tasting
  1. An art class
  1. Private dance lessons
  1. A pottery class
  1. A photography class
  1. A painting class
  1. A gardening class
  1. Cake decorating class
  1. Cheese making class
  1. Concert tickets
  1. An acting or improv class
  1. Archery lesson/target practice
  1. Horseback riding lessons
  1. Professional photo shoot
  1. Sculpting class
  1. A historical tour
  1. A city tour
  1. Fencing lesson
  1. Kayak rental
  1. Surfing lessons
  1. Ski or snowboarding lessons
  1. Snowboarding lessons
  1. Golf lessons
  1. Tennis lessons
  1. A gift certificate to a salon or spa
  1. Bartending class
  1. Mixology class
  1. Wine making class
  1. Chocolate making class
  1. Brewery tour
  1. Painting with a Twist class
  1. Glass blowing class
  1. Zip lining session
  1. Camping trip
  1. Jewelry making class
  1. Make your own perfume/cologne class
  1. A day at an amusement park
  1. Museum membership
  1. Zoo membership
  1. Aquarium membership
  1. National park pass
  1. Tickets to a play
  1. Tickets to a musical
  1. Tickets to the ballet
  1. Comedy show tickets
  1. Football game tickets
  1. Baseball game tickets
  1. Basketball game tickets
  1. Hockey game tickets
  1. Soccer game tickets
  1. Horse racing track membership
  1. NASCAR event tickets
  1. Wine country tour
  1. Rock climbing lesson/session
  1. Personal shopping spree
  1. Game/Trivia/Karaoke night at a bar/restaurant
  1. Home cleaning service gift certificate
  1. Yard work/landscaping service gift certificate
  1. Bowling alley session
  1. Mini golf session
  1. Hot air balloon ride
  1. Helicopter ride
  1. Boat ride/lessons
  1. Segway tour
  1. Bike tour
  1. Indoor skydiving
  1. Paint balling session
  1. Go karting session
  1. Laser tag session
  1. Roller skating/blading session
  1. Ghost tour
  1. Dining at a fancy restaurant
  1. Dinner and a movie
  1. A weekend getaway

In Conclusion

As you can see, experiences make the best gifts for a number of reasons. Experiences make the best gifts because they’re memorable, emotional, and affordable. And with a little bit of planning, you can save money while still giving a great gift. So if you’re looking for something that’s truly special and one-of-a-kind, an experience is the way to go.

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