48Hrs in New York City with Kids (Winter Edition)


How can you spend 48 hours in New York City with kids in the winter and still have fun? It’s a lot easier than you think.

As a tourist thinking of visiting New York and wondering how you can do so, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or maybe you’re just there for a few days. How can you spend 2 days in the city with kids and make it enjoyable? I’ve got you covered!

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This past January, Madison decided that she wanted to spend her 10th birthday in New York City. We would generally visit during the summer when it’s a lot warmer, but this time we had no choice as I couldn’t possibly postpone her birthday for the summer.

So we booked a week-long trip to the city and simply winged it.

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Since she’s done most of the things we usually do in the summertime, and I would have preferred not to do too many outdoor activities, since New York can be blisteringly cold during winter, we focused our time on indoor activities with the exception of one thing.

So without further ado, here’s how you can have fun with kids in New York City in just 48hrs. With things to see and do, while grabbing some instagrammable treats along the way.

48hrs in New York With Kids in Winter

Day 1

Visit the Children’s Slime Museum (Sloomoo Institute)

The Sloomoo Institute, or the Slime Museum, as it’s affectionately called, is located at 475 Broadway in the Soho neighborhood of New York City. If you enjoy slime, gooey things, and science kits, this might be the place for you. In addition to the glow-in-the-dark chamber, there are a few other rooms with varied themes. You’ll be able to add your slime to the “wall of slime” as soon as you walk through the door.

The rooms can be explored at your leisure, and it isn’t important how long you spend in each one because there are no particular time limits for each one. Take your time and enjoy yourself. You get to take some slime home with you at the conclusion of the experience, which Madison enjoyed, but we ended up getting TSA-approved slime as well in the long run.

So put on your most comfortable shoes and dress in clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty (pro tip: choose pants and shirts with sleeves that can be quickly rolled up) and get ready to enjoy!

Sloo Museum

Visit the Museum of Ice Cream

While the Museum of Ice Cream, located at 558 Broadway, is only a short walk away from the Slime Museum, it is not exclusively for children. It is also suitable for adults who may have a sweet tooth or who may appreciate some artistic flair in sweets displayed in a manner similar to a Pollock painting. Here you may indulge in New York inspired ice cream sundaes and macaron ice cream sandwiches, as well as play in an inflatable ball pool filled with sprinkles and generally have a good time.

Before you leave here, you’ll have the feeling of being a youngster again. Arrive early to avoid standing in line. You should keep in mind that they only give out timed tickets, so make your plans appropriately.

Museum of Ice Cream

Grab A Slice or Two of That Famous New York Pizza.

There is no one particular place that I recommend, as I personally think that all New York pizza is amazing. And you can’t visit New York without getting a slice or two of New York pizza. If you’re wondering what makes New York’s pizza different from other pizzas, well, New York–style pizza is a type of pizza that is distinguished by its huge hand-tossed thin crust and is frequently served in large slices to go. However, the crust is only thick and crunchy along its edge, and underneath its toppings, it is soft, thin, and malleable enough to be folded in half to be eaten.

NY Style Pizza

Day 2

Visit the Build-A-Bear Workshop, NYC

Alternatively, you can visit the 22 West 34th St. location of the Build-A-Bear Workshop® in New York. It’s the place where you can personalize a furry pal of any size. You can choose from a variety of furry companions, stuff them with tons of stuffing, and make a wish on a heart. Dress up your friend in fun clothing and accessories to make it extra special. It’s the most enjoyable thing you’ll ever do!

Here’s some advice: If you come during the month of your child’s birth, you’ll have the opportunity to make a new buddy, priced at the same age as your child. For example, Madison recently had her tenth birthday and was able to make a new friend for only $10 (excluding the cost of the additional apparel and accessories she purchased).

Build-A-Bear Workshop NYC

Visit the Vessel at Hudson Yards

The astonishing focal point of Hudson Yards is the Vessel, a soaring monument that is meant to be climbed. The landmark New York City artwork, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, is comprised of 154 interconnected stairs, comprising around 2,500 steps and 80 distinct landings, all of which are interconnected. You cannot go up the Vessel at this time because it is temporarily closed, but you can still go on the inside and look upwards. Hudson Yards’ shops and restaurants, including Edge and The Shed, are, however, still open.

The Vessel, Hudson Yards

Grab some Instagrammable Ice Cream at Taiyaki

When we visited Tokyo a few years ago, we tried a few of Tokyo’s best foods, and sampled kakigori, but did not get the opportunity to try taiyaki, so we were delighted to learn that it was now available in New York. Taiyaki NYC is a Japanese sweet that is prepared from a waffle-like batter that is cooked in a fish-shaped mold and filled with red bean paste, similar to other Japanese sweets such as dorayaki (a Japanese red bean pancake).

Taiyaki IceCream

These “cones” are prepared in the same manner as authentic taiyaki. Due to the usage of the classic waffle-like batter, the cones are noticeably softer in texture than typical ice cream cones. In addition to being baked on-site, the taiyaki ice cream cones are cooked in enormous rotating fish-shaped molds, which are similar to the classic taiyaki mold griddles used in Japan, but have a slightly different shape. The fish’s mouth is wide open, ready to accept a generous scoop of ice cream into its gullet.

In classic taiyaki fashion, the base of the fish is filled with either a sweet red bean paste or custard, depending on your choice. You have your choice of soft-serve Japanese ice cream, available in a range of flavors, including vanilla, matcha, black sesame, and chocolate, and you can customize your order to your liking. Sprinkles, graham cracker crumbs, small M&Ms, and mochi are some of the toppings available. As a consequence, you’ll have a delectable and highly Instagrammable dessert!

48Hrs in NYC with Kids

Ice-Skate at Bryant Park

The Rink at Winter Village is New York City’s only free admission ice skating rink. However, you do need to pay for your skating equipment if you don’t have it, including skating aids for younger kids or those who aren’t confident on the ice. You simply reserve your time, an hour, and don’t think you can get away with more than an hour, because you’re given a colored wristband with a number on it, which is announced when your time is running out.

48Hrs in NYC with Kids

The decision between visiting museums (there are literally hundreds in NYC) and actually having fun at NY attractions is entirely dependent on children’s temperaments and personalities, so you are the best judge of whether your child will enjoy visiting museums or enjoying the latest attractions in New York.

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