7 Ways You Can Upgrade The Way You Ship Orders From Your Company

Order shipping is a necessary evil for any business that sells physical products. The process of packing and shipping orders can be time-consuming and costly, but it’s also essential to keeping your customers happy.

However, it is also the one place many businesses fail at. They don’t take the time to optimize their shipping process, so they spend too much money or make their customers wait too long for their orders.

As such, businesses need to find ways to upgrade how they ship orders. Doing so can save money, improve customer satisfaction, and keep their business running smoothly.

There are a few key ways businesses can upgrade the way they ship orders:

1. Invest in Trailers and Containers

If you’re shipping many orders, investing in trailers and containers can be a great way to save money. Purchasing your cargo trailers and containers allows you to store them at your facility. You won’t have to pay for storage space at a warehouse or distribution center.

It also allows you to ship your orders directly from your facility. This can save you a lot of money on shipping costs, and it can also help to improve your turnaround time.

Cargo trailers come in various configurations, so you’ll want to choose the one that’s best for your needs. If you need a trailer to haul boxes, you’ll want to choose a trailer with a high cube-to-weight ratio. If you need a trailer to haul large items, you’ll want to choose a trailer with a low cube-to-weight ratio.

2. Use Automation

Automation is always a great way to streamline any process. Regarding shipping orders, there are a few key ways you can use automation to make things easier and more efficient. For example, you can use an inventory management system to keep track of your stock levels. This way, you’ll always know what products you have in stock and when to reorder.

You can also use shipping software to automate the process of printing shipping labels and packing slips. This can save you a lot of time, and it can also help to ensure that your orders are always shipped correctly.

Integrating if/then rules into your shipping process can also be beneficial. For example, you can set up a rule that if an order is over a certain amount, it will automatically be upgraded to express shipping. This can help to save you money on shipping costs and ensure that your customers are always happy with their orders.

3. Use Order Fulfillment Services

Order fulfillment refers to receiving, packaging, and shipping orders to customers. It’s a crucial part of the e-commerce process, but it can also be very time-consuming and expensive if not done correctly.

One way to upgrade your order fulfillment process is to use an order fulfillment service. These companies specialize in handling all aspects of order fulfillment, from receiving orders to shipping them out. This can take a lot of the burden off of your business, and it can also save you money.

Before you choose an order fulfillment service, you’ll want to ensure they’re a good fit for your business. You’ll also want to compare pricing and services to find the best deal.

4. Use Flat Rate Shipping

Depending on the number of orders you’re shipping, flat-rate shipping can be a great way to save money. With flat-rate shipping, you pay a set price for shipping regardless of the weight or size of the package.

It can be an excellent option for businesses shipping many small orders. It can also help keep your customers happy by ensuring they know exactly how much they’ll be paying for shipping.

However, flat-rate shipping isn’t always the best option. If you’re shipping large or heavy items, you may pay more for shipping than you would with a traditional shipping method.

5. Train Your Staff and Keep Them Motivated

Your staff is one of your most important assets. If they’re not adequately trained, it can lead to numerous problems, including delayed orders and frustrated customers.

Ensure your staff is well-trained in all aspects of the shipping process. This includes packing orders correctly, printing shipping labels, and filling out customs forms.

You should also make sure that your staff is motivated. You can do this by offering incentives for meeting shipping goals. For example, you could offer a bonus for every order shipped on time.

Creating a positive work environment is also essential. Your staff should feel like they’re valued and appreciated. Showing your appreciation can go a long way toward keeping your staff happy and motivated.

6. Use Order Tracking Software

One of the most common shipping issues is lost or delayed orders. It can be a big problem, especially if you’re shipping high-value items. Order tracking software can help to solve this problem. This software allows you to track your orders from start to finish. This means you’ll always know where your orders are and when they’re expected to arrive.

Order tracking software can also help to improve your customer service. If a customer’s order is delayed, you’ll be able to quickly find out where it is and when it’s expected to arrive. It can help to keep your customers happy and reduce the number of calls and emails you receive about delayed orders. Order tracking software can provide all the information you need if you ever need to file an insurance claim.

7. Have a Fulfillment Station

If your business ships many orders, having a fulfillment station can be a great way to save time and money. A fulfillment station is a dedicated area in your facility where orders are packed and shipped.

A dedicated area for packing and shipping orders can help keep your operations organized. It can lead to fewer mistakes and delayed orders.

It can also help to improve the efficiency of your shipping process. By having all of the materials you need in one place, you won’t have to waste time walking around your facility looking for packing supplies.

In Conclusion

Generally, shipping can be a complex and expensive process. However, with some planning, you can save time and money. These seven tips can help streamline your shipping process and improve your bottom line.

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