Uncommon Productivity Tips for Your Business to Embrace

If you run a business, you naturally want your team and your processes to be as productive as possible because, the more productive you are as a company, the more profits you are likely to make.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the more unique and uncommon business productivity tips that you might not have thought about before, but which can absolutely increase the efficiency of your company and help you to beat the competition and make more money overall…

Uncommon Productivity Tips for Your Business

Determine which three tasks matter most

If you as a business owner, determine which three tasks it is most important for your team to accomplish each day, you can easily increase your overall productivity by focusing more on what matters and what does not.

Yes, less important tasks will need to be completed eventually, but you can bump them up the list as and when needed, and by having a very clear goal in place, you can stop wasting time.

This is a tip that works on an individual basis and in a wider company setting, so do not be afraid to deploy it wherever you need a productivity boost.

Let your employees nap

You might hate the idea of letting your employees take a nap at their desks, but what if you knew it would improve their productivity? Letting staff have a nap in the afternoon has been found, in many studies, to increase their performance in the afternoon too. This is probably not very surprising because, the, more well-rested a person is, the more able they are to concentrate, problem-solve and power through than someone who is exhausted.

Oh. and as well as naps, you might want to think about letting your employees have more breaks too for similar reasons. More breaks, despite what you might think, will not lead to a drop in productivity – quite the opposite in fact.

Rent identical tech for all of your staff

These days, there are so many options when it comes to tech devices that everyone in your organization could be using a completely different device with access to different apps and software.

This is usually not a problem day-to-day when they will probably be using work systems to carry out their business, However, when it comes to events, conferences, and special projects where you all need access to the same photo or tablet, for example, it can become an issue which will slow you all down,

The good news is, iPhone rental, iPad rentals, and Android rentals are all available to businesses around the country. The devices you need so that your team can work together on an event or project can be shipped right to you when you need them so that you can get on with the job at hand without having to buy lots of tech you may only need for a short amount of time.

Bring your pets to work

Studies have shown that allowing employees to bring their pets to work has many benefits for them and the business. When pets are allowed in the office, not only are their owners not worrying about them but their presence can release more oxytocin which makes employees happier and more relaxed. The happier and more relaxed they asr, the more likely they are to work productively throughout the day.

Letting employees bring pets to work as a perk is also an excellent way of improving employee satisfaction levels which means you company will need to devote far less time on hiring new employees after old ones have left. So it can increase efficiency in that area too.

Put your employees on a speed reading course

If your business is one where your employees are required to read a lot of information during the working day, sending them all on a speed reading course where they will learn to read quickly while still taking in all of the needed information is a great way to boost productivity. The faster they read, the more work they will be able to get through, it really is that simple.

Hold meditation sessions

Yes, it is a business, not a wellness center, but if you are serious about boosting productivity within your company, then you will absolutely want to offer your employees morning and lunchtime meditation sessions.

Why? Because meditation is great for boosting concentration, which in turn, can improve productivity significantly. When people meditate, they clear their heads, they get space from their anxieties and issues, and they learn how to better control their brains. All of these things will help them to be more effective at work, so offer regular meditation sessions and do what you can to incentivize staff to attend and you will not regret doing so.


If you are of the impression that you and your employees will get more done by multitasking, you are dead wrong. Various studies have shown that when people multi-task their work is not as good as it would be when they are single-tasking, and it often takes them longer to complete all of their projects overall too.

That is why you should encourage a culture of working on one thing at a time in your workplace. It may take some getting used to if you are not all used to working this way, but pretty soon, you should see that it is paying off, and not only is work being done more quickly but it is being done to a higher standard too.

Hold daily exercise sessions

Physical activity has been shown to boost productivity by making people feel good, clearing their heads, and getting more blood and oxygen flowing to the brain, which can help people to concentrate better and stop feeling so sluggish at work.

Offering daily exercise sessions, even if it is just a few squats and a handful of star jumps will make all the difference.

Embrace as many of these uncommon productivity tips as you can and see the efficiency of your business soar!

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