5 Signs That Your Company Culture Is Turning Toxic

Company culture is crucial for the well-being and productivity of your employees. Creating a positive culture that nurtures employees and supports them will help you improve productivity and reduce employee turnover. But a toxic workplace leads to stress and mental health issues and a distinct lack of productivity. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t realize that their culture has turned bad. So, how can you tell if your business has a toxic culture?

Signs Company Culture Is Turning Toxic

High Turnover Rates

High turnover rates are the most obvious indicator of a toxic culture. If your staff are leaving for other opportunities at a rapid rate, then it’s likely that they’re unhappy with their working conditions. However, you should also look out for staff who are being forced to leave against their will or have been pressured into resigning. This indicates that there are significant problems with the company culture and leadership within the business.

Net Promoter Scores

Net promoter scores are a good indication of how happy people are with your business. They are often used to measure how satisfied customers are, but you can also use an employee net promoter score to determine whether your employees think that your business is a good place to work or not. If you have a lot of people promoting your business, that’s great. But if most people say that they wouldn’t recommend working there, you know that you have a problem. By regularly collecting survey data and generating scores, you can get some great insights into how your employees view your business.

Lack Of Recognition

How often do you tell your employees that they’re doing a good job? A lot of bosses overlook this and assume that people should just get on with their jobs. After all, why would you thank somebody for doing what they’re getting paid to do? The thing is, for people to feel supported and productive at work, they need recognition from time to time. If you never recognize the hard work of your employees, you are creating a toxic environment where people don’t feel valued.

Lack Of Safety Consideration

Good companies always take the safety of their employees incredibly seriously. However, if yours doesn’t, it could be a sign that the firm doesn’t take safety seriously. 

If you’ve been injured, it’s important to know when to hire a workers comp lawyer. You’re able to make a claim in many circumstances, including when the company settlement can’t cover all your bills and expenses, or if you can’t return to work due to a disability. 

Constant Complaints

Complaints from staff are a common sign of a toxic workplace. If your employees aren’t happy with their working conditions, then they’ll complain about it. They may not be able to come to you directly, but they will share any grumbles that they have with their colleagues or friends on social media. Do you have a lot of complaints coming in via email? Or perhaps you notice complaints being shared through the company chat app? Not addressing these grievances can quickly lead to a toxic work environment where people don’t feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions.

On the other hand, silence doesn’t necessarily mean that things are perfect. In some toxic workplaces, people feel as though they can’t complain because they will not be taken seriously or they will be victimized for bringing attention to problems. So, think carefully about your complaints process and whether it protects your staff.

If you spot any of these signs in your business, you need to make some big changes to your company culture.

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