5 Blogging Tips for Beginners


Today I want to share some blogging tips for those starting their blogging journey.

With all of the talk about blogging for income, there’s no wonder more blogs are popping up all over the internet. It’s not as easy as you think it is, and unless you’re doing it as a hobby, remember to most experienced bloggers, this is a job for us and we take it quite seriously. Today I want to share with you some blogging tips that may help you in your blogging journey.  It’s not just about having a beautiful site, there’s much more to it.

Do Not Be a Copycat

The last thing that you want is to get nailed with copyright infringement or to add content that is way too similar to competitors. Having your own blog means that you can read other content online to inspire you to ad-lib upon that content but never, ever be a copycat. The person who has more influence and reach will get the most readership from duplicated content and almost certainly come after you for copying their content. Always be original as that will add value to the blogging community and in turn help you rise to success.

Stop Obsessing about Stats

Every new blogger is guilty of looking at their blog traffic more than they should. Try to focus more on creating original, valuable content than how many visits your blog is getting. Obsessing about stats will stress you out and make you lose your creative thoughts. The traffic will come to your blog when you start to develop a pattern of content that provides quality information to the online user. Best practice is to evaluate your stats once per month and make notes on how you can expand upon that traffic with your content for the following month.

Maintain Proper Article Length

With the fast paced technological world we live in, most people are searching for something quick to read over their morning breakfast or something that solves a problem. There are also people looking for easy to make recipes. However, remember, readers will get bored if your content is too long, but they also will not stay to read more if you are too brief. Figure out what word count works to keep visitors on your site and stay true to that number when writing.

Don’t Worry About Competition

The blogging community is actually full of a lot of supportive people. The internet is a big world that will allow many bloggers within the same niche to succeed. Try to add something new, something catchy and something personal to the blogging community. Do not worry about your competition and what they are doing. It’s none of your business how they run their blog. What is your business is how you choose to represent your blog online through content creation and professional behavior when interacting online within the blogging community.

Always Write For You

In time you will learn what your readers enjoy about your writing. Whether it’s your snarky personality or your humorous side, learn to always write for you. Be true to your own personality and ways of life. Do not fear that others won’t agree with your opinions and don’t let online bullies bring you down. Maintain a true level of self when you are writing content so that you always feel that you are being true to who you are. People will see this and start to appreciate the value you bring to the blogging community.

Blogging is a big industry full of so many people. There are food bloggers, mom bloggers, dad bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and the list could go on. Regardless of what industry of blogging you are trying to be a part of, remember that you have value to add. Use these 5 blogging tips for beginners to get you moving in the right direction.

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