Do You Own A Dental Practice? Here’s How To Get Affordable Supplies

If you own dental practice, you’ll be keen to keep costs down in order to remain competitive. Some of your most expensive items may be disposable items, including toothbrushes.

Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on your dental supplies. In this article, we will give you some helpful tips on how you can find affordable supplies for your dental practice without sacrificing quality.

How To Get Affordable Dental Supplies

Go To Specialist Websites

The advantage of buying online is being able to shop around to compare prices. There may be discounts and free shipping on qualified items. There may be a newsletter you can subscribe to, in order to receive special price reductions and to learn about future deals.

If you set up an account for your clinic, you may be able to save even more money. You wouldn’t be required to constantly order, but could instead make requests whenever they were required. If it’s not possible to set up an account with your chosen supplier, check whether there are loyalty rewards for repeat customers.

Whilst it’s not the same as visiting a physical store or warehouse, there are many benefits to shopping online. According to the dental supply company Trugrade, people often want workplace consultations and quotes. They also want to receive samples of such things like industrial cleaning wipes, alcohol wipes, dental wipes, and disposable tea towels before they decide to purchase.

Buy In Bulk

If you buy products this way, you may be able to experience significant price reductions. You may also be able to access items not generally available to other customers in general stores. This is especially beneficial during times of high demand. Two examples would be at the beginning of the year when people are starting their dental care plans and seniors booking appointments once the school term has recommenced.

Don’t forget to ensure you have sufficient room to keep your stock if you buy in bulk, because you don’t want to end up with products you can’t store. If you buy too much and can’t use it all, anything that gets out of date will have been an unnecessary waste of money. You wouldn’t want safety to be compromised, either, so beware of having to overstack your shelves and cupboards. Whilst bulk buying dental supplies may not be for everyone, in the right circumstances, it can offer huge benefits and save money on your practice’s budget.

Order From A Wholesaler

If you order directly from a wholesaler, you’ll not need to pay the ‘middle man.’ By this we mean there will be no physical store and sales assistants to pay for, thus helping bring down your costs.

Other benefits may include the ability to order at any time, the possibility of special discounts and in some cases, you’ll receive the goods quicker.

How To Get Affordable Dental Supplies

Check The Reviews Beforehand

Never choose a supplier simply because they are the cheapest, but always check the customer reviews first. Although they may not guarantee the quality of the products, it will help you get a feel for how satisfied people are with the company.

Some of the things you can learn from the reviews are what other customers think about the delivery times or packaging. Use these reviews to compare the similar products on offer from different suppliers.

Stay On Top Of Your Inventory

This is one of the most important aspects of your business. The stock that you have on hand is an indication of how well your dental practice is doing and how well you are organized.

A good idea would be to maintain a stock list prioritizing the supplies used in high volumes (e.g. floss or toothbrushes) versus those which will be used less (such as cavity fillings). If you know the contents of your stock at any given moment, it makes it much easier to plan ahead. You can keep track of expired supplies, avoid over-ordering and duplication, and create a schedule for new requests.

Consider Overseas Suppliers

They may be more affordable than local ones if they have lower overhead costs. Even though there is a risk of receiving sub-quality materials from overseas providers (as well as shipping time constraints), it’s worth exploring the option before committing completely to domestic options. If a company proves to be trustworthy, it may be worth the wait to have the items providing cheaper.

Hopefully, you now feel more empowered to purchase your dental supplies in an effective and responsible manner. You’ll be able to enjoy quality items at the best prices for your company and your customers.

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