Considering a Change of Career? Now Could Be a Good Time!


Considering a Change of Career? Now Could Be a Good Time!

We’ve been through an odd year. The 2020 coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t something that any of us expected – and the vast majority of us really weren’t prepared for the changes that it would have on our lives. One month into 2021 and little has changed. The pandemic is still in full force and many of us are seeking ways to make day-to-day life easier and more manageable. 

One aspect of living that many of us are struggling with right now is finances. The pandemic has seen countless industries struggle and even more businesses collapse. Many of us are out of work, operating on lower salaries, or accepting reduced hours. But this means that many of us are also struggling to pay the bills. If you’re considering a change of career into a sector that has constant demand, you’re far from alone. Now really could be a good time to reconsider your career options and perhaps even pursue a completely new path. Here are just a few roles that you might be well suited to!


The field of healthcare is vast. It’s a huge industry touching upon all sorts of areas of day to day life and all sorts of individuals across pretty much every community out there. But one thing is consistent with healthcare – that people will always be in need of it. The pandemic has highlighted this. Now, you may have been inspired by frontline healthcare workers, dealing directly with Covid, or simply anyone who has a passion for helping others. Some areas of healthcare you might want to consider could include becoming a doctor, nursing, surgery, becoming a doctor of audiology, psychology, psychiatry, dentistry, occupational health, and more. Browse the different options, see what each position entails and which is best suited to you. Bear in mind that healthcare jobs often require some sort of educational qualifications, so you may find yourself having to study before actually entering the field. All in all, though, it’s worth it!


The pandemic has, unfortunately, also highlighted that we are always in need of the funeral industry. This isn’t suited to everyone, as it’s a highly emotional field to work in. But you can really help people in their time of need by working in this sector, giving people the respectful send-off they deserve. Roles in this field can span from funeral director to receptionists, specialists in embalming, hair and make-up, gravediggers, and more.


There are many essential retail services that people will always need to get by. This can include working in a supermarket, working in a pharmacy as a store assistant or various other essential retail settings. These roles tend to require less education and training, so may be easier to get into immediately.

These are just a few suggestions, but if you’re seriously considering a change of career, they could help you to land a job that should prove stable and secure!

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